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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 16 April, 2024

16 April, 2024

New resource 🌐

Helix Knowledge Centre is now live:  The Helix Online Help link has been replaced with a link to the new Helix Knowledge Centre.  In addition to a new look and feel, the improved search and topic categorisation allows users to efficiently find the information they are looking for. 

Discover the new Helix Knowledge Centre here.

New feature 🎁

Colour coding and labelling of times in the Appointment book:  Users can now create and set colours, labels and the time range of available time slots in Helix’s Appointment book.

This can be used to indicate which type of appointments are preferred for bookings during specific times.

These are configurable at a per-practitioner level.  Please note there is no global settings for this feature.

Enhancements ✨

User Permission Realignment – Clinical Settings category: As part of the ongoing revision of user permissions, the list of permissions within the Clinical Settings category has been consolidated and renamed for clarity.

Where two or more permissions have been merged, any roles with the source permissions will still have the merged permission.

Helix_RT112_User Permission Realignment - Clinical Settings category

Bug fixes🐛

Pathology results failing to import for providers with missing provider number: A bug causing some MQLink results to fail has been resolved. The issue occurred when an incoming result was intended for a provider who did not have a provider number recorded for their first linked centre on their account.

Unable to create a custom user role: A bug preventing users from being able to create new user roles has been resolved.