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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 30 April, 2024

30 April, 2024

Enhancements ✨

Additional log to help troubleshoot bulk bill processing and payment report not being available:  Customer’s SEQ logs from now on will contain a log of bulk bill payment and processing reports missing with REPORT_NOT_FOUND status. This equips Helix support teams with additional information around the report status (Complete, Not found etc.) for individual claims as received from Services Australia. 

Integration-related permissions hidden from user interface: To streamline the list of permissions in Helix, the permissions related to integrations have been hidden from the Roles and Permissions screen for all customers who do not manage their own custom integrations.

The hidden permissions include:

  • Access to Custom Javascript APIs

  • View Patient Metadata Stores

  • Create Patient Metadata Stores

  • Edit Patient Metadata Stores

  • Delete Patient Metadata Stores

  • Send Distress Message (enabled for all users)

  • Upload patient file through data migration

  • Delete Patient

Patient Education fact sheets: The patient education fact sheets have been reinstated, with additional categories, performance improvements and bug fixes. The list of categories is refreshed regularly to ensure the most up-to-date information is available.

eRx entity ID registration: When requesting an eRx entity ID for a user, the response from eRx appears immediately, without the need to refresh thanks to recent bug fixes.

If the user is already registered for an eRx entity ID, this can be entered manually on their user account details.

Dietitian assignee in care plans and user accounts: The spelling of ‘dietitian’ has been aligned so that only ‘dietitian’ appears as an assignee option in care plans and the user account screen – if ‘dietician’ (with a ‘c’) had been selected, this will now display as ‘dietitian’. In the unlikely situation that a care plan had both spelling variations selected concurrently, these have been merged, with the address details retained in the care plan task details.

Bug fixes🐛

Printing Pathology and Imaging documents from timeline: Printing Pathology and Imaging documents from timeline was previously not working, this functionality has been fixed.

Pathology result import – minor improvement for migrated users: A minor change to improve the reliability of pathology imports via MQLink for Helix users imported from another system.