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Smart Marketplace

Tailor your health software to meet the unique needs of your practice

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Your practice software just got smarter

Introducing Telstra Health Smart Marketplace – a reimagined suite of healthcare management tools for General Practitioners and Practice Managers.

This all-inclusive ecosystem empowers medical professionals with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline every aspect of their practice.

Manage your practice your way, with tailored solutions from Smart Marketplace. Smart Marketplace offers a growing partner ecosystem that enables you to tailor your clinical IT systems with innovative solutions suited to the unique needs of your practice. Smart Marketplace is comprised of an array of health technology partners who offer the highest standard in innovation, service and reliability.

Each Smart Marketplace partner is handpicked for their proven effectiveness and innovation.

Our ecosystem of partners is growing all the time

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Why join Smart Marketplace?

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Seamless onboarding

Telstra Health’s Smart Marketplace is a single gateway that offers seamless interoperability, overcoming the barriers of tiered services and fees, and enabling better integration and uptake of healthcare workflows.

Advanced technology

Telstra Health’s Smart Marketplace helps healthcare providers improve patient outcomes by providing a comprehensive solution for sharing information using FHIR technology and a basis to employ advanced analytical techniques like artificial intelligence.

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Security and governance

Telstra Health’s Smart Marketplace prioritises data security and compliance, ensuring that sensitive patient information is protected and managed in accordance with relevant regulations.


Telstra Health’s Smart Marketplace is designed to be scalable, enabling healthcare providers to grow and expand their operations without having to worry about data management or interoperability issues.

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Have a question?

If you have any questions or enquiries about Smart Marketplace, please reach out to