Pracsoft Updates

Microsoft Jet Database Engine Hotfix

The latest Microsoft Jet Database Engine Update has caused problems with the pathology test data loading within MedicalDirector Clinical.

This update is now available which will assist in fixing this problem. This can be updated will need to be downloaded and applied to all affected computers. Any MedicalDirector applications will need to be closed
whilst this update is applied.

This hotfix update will be effective for versions of MedicalDirector Clinical 3.15.3c and higher.


if you are operating a version of MedicalDirector Clinical below 3.15.3c then please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care.

If you have any concerns please log an online enquiry or contact MedicalDirector Customer Care on 1300 788 802.

December 2017 MBS and RMFS fee update

1 December 2017

MedicalDirector is pleased to provide the MBS & RMFS fee update for December 2017.

The following changes will take effect from 1 December 2017. Read more.

For instructions on updating MBS, RMFS and DVA Allied Health Fees click here.

To obtain the December 2017 MBS & RMFS fee update, select the 'Download' button.


If you are experiencing difficulties activating new item numbers, please follow the instructions below.

 How to Activate New Item Numbers

  1. Open Pracsoft
  2. Select Admin > Fees
  3. Click Add Item
  4. Enter the item number (e.g. 63487) and press the TAB key.
  5. You may be prompted with a message: "The Description has been truncated.  Please enter a shorter description."
  6. Click OK – the description will automatically be truncated for you
  7. Repeat for any other items required

If you have any questions or you experience any problems applying this update, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care on 1300 788 802 or log an online inquiry.

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