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Pracsoft Updates

Upgrade to the latest version of Clinical & Pracsoft

Take advantage of the latest features in MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft 4.3

  • MBS updates being automated for customers and the incentive item numbers now correctly reflecting for MyMedicare and the other changes made November 01
  • Transmit post-paid patient claims to Services Australia via the Patient Claim Interactive workflow after the billing has taken place
  • Filter reports to show only billings for specific practitioners or locations
  • Users now have the ability to record a patients MyMedicare Enrollment status
  • Patient Alert prompts now also appear in the Waiting Room

      Learn more and upgrade today

      Pracsoft MBS & DVA Fee Updates

      An updated March, 2024 Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) file is now available to download below.

      From 1 March 2024 there will be several changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). 

      Please Note: If you’ve already upgraded to Pracsoft version 4.3, no action is required and you can enjoy the benefits of automated MBS updates.

      If your practice has not yet upgraded to version 4.3, you can get started by clicking here.

      Read the full details on the MBS website.

      Download Update

      Please Note: Medical software vendor files (XML and XLSX) have been delayed.  These files will be published as soon as possible. Any claims made from 1 November 2023 onwards will be back dated to reflect the new fees (indexed at 0.5%). Read more here.

      View instructions on how to update new MBS fees

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. Can I perform this update while people at the practice are working on Pracsoft?
      A. Yes, you can do the upgrade at any time and it will not impact anyone currently working on Pracsoft. The upgrade will be applied automatically and instantly for all Pracsoft users.

      Q. Do I have to apply this update on all my computers at the practice?
      A. You only need to run this upgrade on one computer and this can be any machine in the practice, no need to do it on the server.

      Q. How can I confirm the upgrade has worked?
      A. You can check one of the updated item numbers against the new price values provided on and

      Q. Will this upgrade overwrite my custom or health fund item numbers?
      A. No, this will only update the fees in the MBS schedule that have been updated by Medicare, it will not alter any other custom or health fund fees you may have.

      Any Fees Columns that have been generated by the surgery that include formulas will need to be recalculated.

      Q: Will this update remove Deleted MBS Items?
      A. No, deleted items have not been removed from the attached fee list for practices that require retrospective billing. Click to learn how to delete MBS fees

      Q: Will this update change amended fee descriptions?
      A. No, this update will not update amended fee descriptions. Click to learn how to modify MBS fees

      If you have any questions or you experience any problems applying this update, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care on 1300 300 161 or log an online enquiry.

      New Medicare Bulk Bill Incentives

      From 1 November 2023 higher bulk billing incentives for Commonwealth concession card holders and patients aged under 16 years of age will be introduced and may be co-claimed with the specific consultation items. Please see the MBS Online Fact Sheet for Bulk Billing in General Practice here for further information. 

      The new MBS Item numbers that are being released on 1 November to support the triple incentive items are included in the November MBS Fee Update. 

      Please Note: Our team is actively working on a way to streamline this process which we expect to have available 2 November 2023. In the meantime manual replacement of the automatically populated incentive item to the new correct item will need to be done to ensure the correct rebate is collected.

      It is not currently possible to automatically add the relevant incentives to only the applicable MBS items 91801, 91802 and 91920 Video Telehealth, and the 91900 and 91910 Phone Telehealth items as this incentive is reliant on the patient being registered at their practice through MyMedicare. At this stage, a patient’s MyMedicare registration is not able to be stored within Pracsoft and therefore unable to be verified as part of this billing workflow. Software Vendors, the MSIA and Services Australia are working together to make this possible in the future.  

      To add the new incentive item numbers for eligible patients requires 3 steps detailed below: 

      1. Apply the November Fee Update 
      2. Enable Incentives for the relevant item numbers 
      3. Recording the Visit 

      Enable Incentives for the item numbers: 

      1. Open Pracsoft 
      2. Select Admin > Fees 
      3. Click Find

      4. Enter the item number you wish to allocate incentives for (eg 91910) and press ok

      5. Tick ‘Incentive Eligible’

              Recording the visit: 

              1. Record your visit as usual adding the required item number 
              2. An incentive item will pre-populate based on your Incentive Payments setting in Practitioner Details

              3. If the pre-populated incentive item is incorrect for this item number/patient Untick Apply incentive 
              4. Add the correct incentive item based on the latest MBS Changes and patient MyMedicare registration status, please see the MBS Online Fact Sheet for Bulk Billing in General Practice here for further information.

              5. Complete the recording of the visit as usual