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MBS & DVA Fee Updates

If you are experiencing issues processing DVA Telehealth incentive items, please contact one of our Customer Support agents via LiveChat

1 November, 2020

The latest Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) file is available to download. Click here for full details.

The update includes the DVA fees and the MBS fees effective from 1 November 2020.

Download Update

View instructions on how to update new MBS fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I perform this update while people at the practice are working on Pracsoft?
A. Yes, you can do the upgrade at any time and it will not impact anyone currently working on Pracsoft. The upgrade will be applied automatically and instantly for all Pracsoft users.

Q. Do I have to apply this update on all my computers at the practice?
A. You only need to run this upgrade on one computer and this can be any machine in the practice, no need to do it on the server.

Q. How can I confirm the upgrade has worked?
A. You can check one of the updated item numbers against the new price values provided on and

Q. Will this upgrade overwrite my custom or health fund item numbers?
A. No, this will only update the fees in the MBS schedule that have been updated by Medicare, it will not alter any other custom or health fund fees you may have.

Any Fees Columns that have been generated by the surgery that include formulas will need to be recalculated.

Q: Will this update remove Deleted MBS Items?
A. No, deleted items have not been removed from the attached fee list for practices that require retrospective billing. Click to learn how to delete MBS fees

Q: Will this update change amended fee descriptions?
A. No, this update will not update amended fee descriptions. Click to learn how to modify MBS fees

If you have any questions or you experience any problems applying this update, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care on 1300 300 161 or log an online enquiry.

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What’s New in Clinical

  • ePrescribing and Active Ingredient Prescribing functionality is now available.
  • You can perform Telehealth consultation with the ‘Helix Telehealth’ widget in the sidebar.
  • We have feedback options within Clinical, to provide you with the capability to give feedback whenever you want. This will help us to consider, identify and prioritise key areas of improvements within the software.
  • Create custom reports for your practice with new advanced search functionality in the patient search window.
  • Unlock patient files easier with access to the manage patient locks utility on workstations from within Clinical.
  • Find user-defined and supplied templates you require with the new Search functionality for templates in Letter Writer, with the ability to search by template name and filter by state.
  • Re-print previous Cytology and Imaging Requests to assist patients who have lost or misplaced requests.
  • Refer patients to the My Aged Care directly from Clinical using HealthLink’s SmartForms technology.
  • HealthShare directory – the HealthShare integrated directory will simplify the process of finding and addressing referrals to specialists and/or practitioners through Letter Writer.
  • To help with importing either individual or bulk patient records from Best Practice into Clinical from another practice, you can now import Best Practice XML records via MedicalDirector Maintenance.

What’s New in Pracsoft

  • Two new appointment types, namely ‘Telehealth’ and ‘Phone consult’ are now added in the Appointment Book.
  • You can now book an online telehealth consult via Pracsoft Appointment Book.
  • Improve front desk inefficiencies by automatically verifying OPV and OVV while patients are being added to the Waiting Room.
  • Save paper by providing patients with an email with their invoice, receipt and reports from Pracsoft as PDF attachment.
  • Simple reallocation for patient appointments with the copy and paste functionality.
  • At-a-glance view of your Waiting Room to assist with the patient flow which shows arrival time in different colours, based on whether the patient is early or late for their appointment.
  • See what you value more with the ability to select which columns show in your Waiting Room.
  • To help with importing either individual or bulk patient records from Best Practice into Clinical from another practice, you can now import Best Practice XML records via MedicalDirector Maintenance.
  • Waiting Room provides you with the details of the patient selected.

Email Invoices, Receipts, and Reports

  • You can now email invoices, receipts, and statements from Pracsoft as PDFs. If you use SMTP for sending emails, this must be configured first in Pracsoft.
  • Settings are available via Setup > Email Settings.
  • Select the SMTP option and click Open SMTP Settings to access SMTP settings. Further information on configuring this window is available by clicking the icon on the setup window.

Recall Audit Trail

  • A Recall Audit Trail is now available from the View menu in the Appointment Book.

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