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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 14 October, 2021


Observation Results

  • The length of the Universal Service Identifier text field for observation results has been increased to prevent some observation results failing due to long Universal Service Identifier descriptions


  • Error handling has been improved in the immunisation batching screen to indicate when immunisations are not transmitted in some scenarios to assist you in retransmission.

Bug Fixes

Pathology Requests

  • An issue with adding multiple pathology favourites in Pathology Request window has been resolved.

Helix Release Notes – 30 September, 2021



  • The Engadine medical imaging request template has been updated to include a date field.


  • The September immunisation update has been completed, including additional immunisation details for certain vaccines 

Realtime prescription monitoring (RTPM) 

  • The realtime prescription monitoring feature Qscripts is now available for practices who have completed the setup, in Queensland only.
  • Practices who turn it on before their jurisdiction is live will receive a notification error stating the feature is unavailable.
    1. In order to use the RTPM feature, there is a mandatory requirement that the prescriber number for each practitioner who wishes to prescribe, is entered in the user settings of HelixPlease ensure all practitioners wishing to prescribe, have their prescriber number entered to enable access to the prescription module within consults.
    2. To start using the feature, enable RTPM for each practitioner in Settings > Preferences> Enable RTPM

    Helix Release Notes – 16 September, 2021


    Electronic Prescribing

    • The SMS fees subsidy for electronic prescribing has been extended until 30th June 2022. This date is now reflected in Helix.



    • The following fields have been added to the Generic Imaging Request Template (without stationary):
      • Contrast Studies
      • Iodine
      • Diabetic
      • Renal
      • Creatinine
      • eGFR
      • Test Data(< 6 months)
      • Referring doctor signature & date
      • Card details – Other than Medicare (DVA, HCC)

    Pathology Request Indicators

    • A checkbox for urgent pathology requests is now available. If selected the phone and fax number will be printed on the request (you may still have to manually tick the urgent checkbox on the actual form).

    Pathology and Imaging Templates

    • The Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science and Dr Jones & Partners – Medical Imaging templates have been added to Helix.

    Bug Fixes


    • Receipts for multiple invoices will no longer show as double when doing auto payments.

      Helix Release Notes – 2 September, 2021


      Patient Engagement Provider Integration

      • Patient Engagement providers will now be able to see a patient’s SMS consent preference to better enable them for patient reminder integrations.


      • The August immunisation update has been completed, including additional immisation details for certain vaccines 


      • The banking/deposit screen will now load and show only 200 records at a time. Additional records will be loaded once a user scrolls down the page.


      • The Chatswood Diagnostic Centre Imaging Template has been added to Helix

        Helix Release Notes – 19 August, 2021



        • The Queensland Mater Health form has been added to the list of templates available in MedicalDirector Helix.
        • The Covid consent form has been updated to reflect the latest changes.
        • The generic pathology template has been updated to include type of specimen, date of collection and location.

        Export Appointment list as CSV

        • You can now export a list of appointments by date and practitioner as a CSV so it can be opened in Excel and maintained digitally.

        Helix Release Notes – 5 August, 2021


        Medicare/DVA Fee file updates

        • The latest Medicare Fee Item Updates (valid from 16th of July) is now available to download


         User/Account Page

        • The edit user page now has a new interface to support upcoming features.


        • You can now add the vaccine name to the reason for visit as a comment while recording an immunisation.


        • The Queensland Metro south health referral form, and the Queensland – Antenatal Mater, have been added to the list of templates available in MedicalDirector Helix.

        Additional Titles 

        • Additional titles in the patient demographics and the Helix user management sections are now available. The new titles include Mx, Rev, Pastor, Captain, Rabbi, Imam, and Justice.

        Recall Filter

        • Filtering for recall reason will now work across multiple pages of the recall list and not just the current page being displayed.


        Helix Release Notes – 28 July, 2021

        New Feature

        Bulk document uploading

        • You can now upload documents via the DMS in bulk. You can select up to 25 files at a time, each document must be less than 30MB.


        Medicare/DVA Fee file updates

        • The latest Medicare Fee Item Updates (valid from 1st of July) is now available to download

        Referral Form Template

        • The Queensland Children’s Hospital Referral-form template is now available in Helix.


        Reason for visit

        • You can now select to add immunisation as the reason for the visit by selecting a checkbox during the immunisation recording workflow. 

        Recalls for Immunisations

        • You can now select to have a recall automatically created as part of the immunisation recording workflow. This is available for COVID-19 Vaccinations (defaults to 12 weeks for AstraZeneca and 3 weeks for Pfizer) and for Flu vaccinations (defaults to 12 months). The time period can be changed within the vaccination workflow if required.

        Quick Selection Batch Numbers

        • The last 3 batch numbers for each vaccination type will be saved and shown for quick selection during the immunisation workflow.

        Bug Fixes

        Displaying active work areas

        • Active work areas are now displayed centre when Helix users login.

        Tyro Invoices

        • Users with long usernames can now enter tyro invoices.

        OPV Check 

        • Editing/changing the IRN number for a patient with a valid Medicare number will now perform a new OPV check immediately.

        Helix MBS & DVA Fee Update

        The July, 2021 Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) file is available to download below. The file includes key Covid item numbers 10660, 10661, 90005, two new MBS items, 92746 and 92747 – as well as the lastest changes from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

        From 16 July 2021, the Government is implementing longer general practice telephone services to provide an increased Medicare benefit for patients who are located in an area declared as a COVID-19 hotspot by the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer or are subject to a public health order that requires the person to be in isolation or quarantine. The list of hotspots declared by the Chief Medical Officer is currently available on

        The two new MBS items, 92746 for GPs and 92747 for other medical practitioners (OMPs), enable medical practitioners to provide longer telephone consultations, lasting 20 minutes or more to people who are in a Commonwealth declared COVID-19 hotspot or required to isolate or quarantine because of a COVID-19 State or Territory public health order. Read the full details on the MBS website.

        The changes include indexation of majority of Medicare services, Government’s response to recommendations from the clinician-led MBS Review Taskforce regarding general surgery, orthopaedic and cardiac services, and include other minor policy changes which were recommended by the clinician-led MBS Review Taskforce or the Medicare Benefits Schedule Committee. Read the full details on the MBS website.

        Download Update

        For information on how to add these fees to your fee schedule please navigate to the Adding fees manually section and read this article.

        Helix Release Notes – 8 July, 2021


        Paperless prescribing subsidy

        • The subsidy for sending paperless scripts via SMS has been extended until the 31st of September, this date is now reflected within the software. 


        Patient extract

        • We have improved data extractions for prescriptions, and enabled the ability to extract migrated vaccines.

        Bug Fixes

        • We have fixed the changes saved notification to stop it from re-appearing in full screen whilst adding comments in the patient queue.

        Helix Release Notes – 24 June, 2021



        • The recall template is now customisable. Once customised, it will be the default for all future recalls for the practice. This feature will be released in stages over the next 3 weeks.
        • The default time-period for the recall list will now only show upcoming recalls for the next two weeks. The time period can be changed in the filter section on the page if required.  
        • We have added a new recall reason for Covid 19 second dose vaccination.


        • We have improved the automatic practitioner assigning for results that contain multiple addressees.


        • You can now record non-scheduled vaccinations, along with the scheduled vaccinations in NIP.


        • The order of unbalanced records will now show the oldest record first. A maximum of 200 records will be shown in this tab, with new records not appearing on the screen if there are more than 200 records available.

        Appointment Book

        • The “Future Appointment Book” icon will now be displayed whether a patient has a future appointment or not.

        Daily Visits Report

        • We have improved the description for the Daily Visits report.

        Billing Report

        • The information (text) for the “Print Payment Report” button has been improved to help customers know who to contact should there be further problems.

        Bug Fixes

        • The correct label details on 4cyte pathology request will now be printed.

        Helix Release Notes – 10 June, 2021


        COVID-19 Appointment Types

        • Two additional appointment types have been added – 1st Pfizer COVID Vaccine and 2nd Pfizer COVID Vaccine – to differentiate the appointments for patients.

        MyHealth Record

        • You can now view the Event Summary and Discharge Summary documents, in addition to Shared Health Summary documents, to assist in efficient patient treatment and care.


        • You can now view the PBS code in authority-printed prescriptions and the patient timeline to assist with accurate dispensing and billing.


        • You can now select the vaccine to be recorded in immunisations as there will no longer be a default selection.

        Appointment Book

        • Clinicians can now see future appointments for the patient that they are currently seeing. The future appointment book is displayed only if the patient has a future appointment. Note: the GP role must have permission to see appointments. This is enabled by default in the settings.

          Helix Release Notes – 27 May, 2021


          Printing Reports

          • Payment reports for batched items cannot be printed the same day they are resolved due to a delay in the sending of reports back to Helix by Medicare. The Helix user interface now informs the user.


          • Recommended vaccines will no longer be selected by default, you can now select the vaccine to be recorded.

          Helix Release Notes – 13 May, 2021



          • You can now delete and manage draft invoices. A deleted Invoice will delete the related entries in the banking and reporting area (where applicable) as well.

          Auto-population of text 

          • If a patient can not be found through the search option, adding a new patient record will auto-populate the name originally searched for.

          Recall filters

          • The filters in the recall section have been updated, including the additional option to filter by recall type.

          Pathology requests

          • The pathology request module has been upgraded so that once a test has been selected, the focus stays in the search allowing for faster entry and selection of additional tests.


          • The QDI Imaging template has been added.


          Bug Fixes

          Letter Writer

          • Fixed an issue where the images in the letter (for e.g. signature) preview were not visible.

          Appointment book – tablet

          • Patient name is now shown in the appointment book on tablets.

          Patient data extract

          • Fixed an issue where some files could not be extracted.

          Helix Release Notes – 29 April, 2021



          • The Flucelvax Quad and Influvac Tetra vaccines have been renamed to reflect the 2021 formulation.

          Bug Fixes

          Radiology templates

          • The current date is now printed in the i-med radiology form.

          Helix Release Notes – 15 April, 2021

          New feature



          Letter Writer

          • You can now access the Covid-19 consent form in letters.

            SMS Recalls

            • Recall messages sent via SMS can now be customised.

              Helix Release Notes – 1 April, 2021

              New feature

              Export recall list

              •  We have introduced the ability to export the selected recalls in the recall list (details as they appear in the table and not the actual recall letters) as a CSV file that can then be opened and used in Excel.


              Template Management

              • You can now add patient Clinical Summaries (previously called “Attachments”) anywhere in a letter to suit your preference.
              • You can now drag and drop Clinical Summaries (previously called “Attachments”) in any order and to any location in the letter template, and they will appear in this order in new letters based on this template. Read more about Template Management.

              Letter Writer 

              • We’ve made an update to the style of the Clinical Summary tables in the Letter Writer and printout to improve the professional look and feel.

                New filter styling in the Batch area

                • We have upgraded the styling of the filters in the Batched area to improve usability.

                Bug Fixes

                Pathology/ Radiology templates

                • Fax numbers are now printing in full for radiology requests.

                Helix Release Notes – 18 March, 2021



                • The “Archive Task” feature now deletes tasks instead of archiving them.
                • Deleted tasks can be viewed with an admin login, in the Settings > Audit log section within Helix.

                Helix Release Notes – 4 March, 2021



                When a Recipe is prescribed, the printed prescription now includes a label “(Custom Product)” beside the Recipe, to comply with Active Ingredient Prescribing legislation.


                COVID-19 and the latest Influenza vaccines are now available in Helix to assist you in reporting to the Australian Immunisation Register.

                SMS recalls

                When sending more than one SMS recall, a pre-check will be performed to determine if all the required information such as valid mobile number, and consent is provided. A message will indicate if any of the recalls selected in the batch cannot be sent.

                Bug Fixes

                Stability improvements to the recall module.

                Helix Release Notes – 18 February, 2021


                SMS Recalls

                Recalls can now be sent via SMS.

                How to send a recall as SMS: In the recall screen simply select the patient for whom you want to send an SMS too (they need to have opted in to receiving SMS messages as well as have a valid mobile number), this will activate two buttons at the top allowing you to either send the message as SMS or print it out as a recall letter. Selecting the SMS option will send a message to the patient informing them of the recall, and to contact the practices to make a booking.

                Note: This is just the first release in improving the management of recalls. In upcoming releases we will add items such as:

                • Ability to customise SMS and recall messages/letters,
                • Set preferred recall communication method,
                • Ability to print the recall list,
                • Updated filtering,
                • Ability to customise the default recall period,
                • Ability to add/edit your own recall types,
                • General fixes and improvements based on your feedback.


                • Community Specialist Palliative Care referral has been added to the list of templates and can be used in letter writer.
                • The following assessment templates have been improved by adding important Practice, Practitioner and Patient contact details to the assessment template.
                  • Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
                  • Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression
                  • Mini Mental State Examination
                  • DASS 21
                  • K10
                  • AUSDRISK
                  • Asthma Action Plan
                  • Nutrition Assessment
                  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
                  • Medications Review
                  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale

                  Helix Release Notes – 4 February, 2021



                  • You can now use the given name field in the Address Book category when setting up a template.
                  • The Deakin Membership Application form templates are now available.


                  • Helix Reports now include a description that provides more details about what information is shown in the report and what it can be used for.

                  Active/Inactive patient management

                  You can now manage inactive patients, set rules for automatically changing a patient’s status to inactive, or manually set a patient’s status.

                  By default, the inactive feature will be set to ‘Never’ meaning that no patients will automatically be set to inactive although the function to manually inactivate a patient is still available.

                  To change this according to the preference of the practice, anyone of the access role of practice manager or administrator can apply the rule most suitable to the practice.

                  To do this, go to Settings -> click Patient Management at the top and then click the Active/Inactive tab.
                  View more detailed instructions.

                  Note: Every time the setting is changed, a synchronisation of the database is triggered. This synchronisation happens overnight, so changes will not be visible until the following day. Further, a change in setting may also override any manual changes to a patients active/inactive status in line with the new rule applied.

                  This feature will be gradually released over the coming 1-2 weeks, so if you do not see the option available for your practice yet, rest assured it will automatically be turned on for you shortly.

                  Bug Fixes


                  • The description of items in an invoice printout were at times previously cut off. This is now fixed.

                  Helix Release Notes – 22 January, 2021



                  • Active Ingredient Prescribing (AIP) is now available,  which enables the inclusion of active ingredient names on all RPBS/PBS prescriptions, and allows for the identification of a brand if the prescriber deems this to be clinically appropriate for the treatment of the patient. To assist you while prescribing, we have visual cues and warnings when it is clinically relevant to consider brand inclusion for the LMBC drugs (list of medicines for brand consideration), and when the it is not a part of Active Ingredient Prescribing (AIP) legislation such as the LEMI list (List of excluded medicinal items).


                  • Tasks can now be archived from from the patient timeline and patient consult.
                  • A task that has been archived is no longer visible or can be brought back with a filter.
                  • A task can be archived by anyone who has access to see the task.


                  • Claims with errors will display a warning if they would be rejected by Medicare.
                  • Claims with errors may still be batched but not transmitted.
                  • When attempting to transmit a batch to Medicar and it contains claims with errors, the user is prompted to remove the claims with errors so that the remaining claims can be transmitted.
                  • Claims removed from a batch can be managed in the unbatched claims section.


                  • An Application for approval template to prescribe controlled medicines is now available.
                  • A referral template for Heartscope Victoria is now available.


                  Bug Fixes

                  • Task details now load correctly for the relevant patient where previously it was not always displayed accurately.
                  • The Billing item search on the patient health summary is no longer cleared from the search if the related item was deleted.
                  • The billing type no longer changes from private to Medicare when changing via the appointment.

                  Enabling ePrescribing in Helix

                  Step 1: Initial Setup

                  The Practice

                  Prior to sending an Electronic Prescription, your site must be registered with eRx Script Exchange to send eScripts. Please check if the practitioners have entity ID in user settings and have an active account. If the entity ID is missing in the user settings, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Support to assist with the setup.

                  Each practice must have an HPI-O (Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation) number, which must be added to the Centre Settings (accessible via the System Administrator login).


                  Each registered practitioner must have an HPI-I (Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual) number, which must be updated and saved in the User Settings in Helix.

                  Ensure all practitioners wishing to participate have Electronic Prescribing enabled in their Preferences settings.

                  Step 2: Prescribing Electronically

                  The prescribing workflow in MedicalDirector Helix has been amended to enable ePrescribing. To view the new workflow, read the step-by-step guide.

                  Read the instructions

                  Government recommendations for ePrescribers

                  Communication with your local pharmacies is critical – this will ensure everyone is ready to write and dispense an electronic prescription (noting some pharmacies may require more time and resources to get their dispensing workflow ready). Patients may experience a delay in accessing their medicines including having to return to general practice for a paper prescription if this step is not undertaken.

                  It is recommended that you confirm that pharmacies in your local area are ePrescribing-enabled, and communicate this to patients when using this form of prescription.

                  Free on-demand webinar

                  For a full demonstration of the electronic prescribing process in MedicalDirector Helix, a webinar recording is now available to watch on-demand.

                  Watch now

                  Support Docs

                  For more support, use the LiveChat widget below.

                  Helix Release Notes – 26 November, 2020


                  • Two new appointment types are now available and can be added in the appointment book settings – Recall and New Patient Consult.
                  • MBS bushfire subcategories are now available.
                  • A new pathology template is available for St Vincents Pathology.

                  Bug Fixes

                  • A practitioner set up in multiple centres will now appear only once in the Appointment Book.

                  Helix Release Notes – 12 November, 2020


                  For customers who have ePrescribing enabled

                  • Additional timeout options have now been added, and can be accessed via Settings
                  • SMS fees are continuing to be subsidised for ePrescriptions until at least March, 2021, per Government guidelines


                  • A default billing type can now be set for each practice


                  • We introduced an automated validation on provider numbers entered into Helix, to improve the Medicare submission workflow

                    Helix Release Notes – 29 October, 2020



                    For the efficient management of immunisation transmissions:

                    • You will now see detailed warnings before deleting immunisations,
                    • We have made Updates to prevent “Java API errors” after transmissions,
                    • And we have removed errors for successfully resubmitted immunisations that are accepted by the Australian Immunisation Register.

                    Pathology Templates

                    • We have added new templates for Healthscope Pathology and South East Radiology.

                    ePrescribing (for customers with ePrescribing enabled)

                    • We have made the following changes to comply with the legislation requirements of ePrescribing:
                      • You can add “prescriber type” in user settings, which will appear in preview while ePrescribing controlled substances in the A.C.T. and South Australia.
                      • You can now add an authorisation reference number while prescribing certain drugs electronically. Please note that for printed prescriptions, handwriting of the authority number will still apply.
                      • For Azure Active Directory users, you will be prompted to re-authenticate while ePrescribing controlled substances
                    • You can now exclude certain medications from a patient’s active script list to ensure patient satisfaction and provide optimal care.

                    Bug Fixes

                    • A change has been made for SMS appointment reminders and patient replies. An appointment can only be cancelled if a patient responds ‘No’ to the appointment booking confirmation. A ‘Yes’ response will confirm the booking and all other responses will be marked as having received an unclear SMS response.
                    • We have updated the prescription search report to display the relevant prescriptions.
                    • A patient’s full name will always be printed on a prescription, even with long names. Previously the full name was not being printed if their name was unusually long.
                    • In the patient queue, the default work area and HCP filter now both update correctly when a user changes between different centres.

                    Helix Release Notes – 15 October, 2020


                    ePrescribing (for customers with ePrescribing enabled)

                    • We have made the following changes to comply with the legislation requirements of ePrescribing:
                      • You can add “prescriber type” in user settings, which will appear in preview while ePrescribing controlled substances in the A.C.T. and South Australia.
                      • You can now add an authorisation reference number while prescribing certain drugs electronically. Please note that for printed prescriptions, handwriting of the authority number will still apply.
                      • For Azure Active Directory users, you will be prompted to re-authenticate while ePrescribing controlled substances
                    • You can now exclude certain medications from a patient’s active script list to ensure patient satisfaction and provide optimal care.

                    Bug Fixes

                    • A change has been made for SMS appointment reminders and patient replies. An appointment can only be cancelled if a patient responds ‘No’ to the appointment booking confirmation. A ‘Yes’ response will confirm the booking and all other responses will be marked as having received an unclear SMS response.
                    • We have updated the prescription search report to display the relevant prescriptions.
                    • A patient’s full name will always be printed on a prescription, even with long names. Previously the full name was not being printed if their name was unusually long.
                    • In the patient queue, the default work area and HCP filter now both update correctly when a user changes between different centres.

                    Helix Release Notes – 1 October, 2020


                    ePrescribing (for customers with ePrescribing enabled)

                    • Prescriber qualification is now mandatory for ePrescribing and must be set up in user settings.
                    • For users who have ePrescribing enabled, we have improved the visibility of ePrescription transmissions so you can easily identify the status of prescriptions you’ve sent electronically. You can see the outcome of each script — whether it is sent successfully, resent, or deleted, as well as see any failures, in the timeline.

                      Confidential Consults

                      • Consultations in Helix can now be marked as confidential. Only the healthcare professional who created the consult will be able to see the reason for visit and consult notes within the practice – this is especially important for mental health and other sensitive consultation types.

                      Telehealth and Phone Appointments

                      • Patients booked in for a telehealth or phone consult can now be automatically added to the appointment book 10 minutes prior to their appointment, to support the fact they won’t arrive at the premises to be “arrived” in the appointment book. This feature is not enabled by default. To have it enabled, please contact us.

                      Audit/Roles and Permissions

                      • You can now track changes made to roles and permissions, and individual settings for different users in your practice. You can see who made the changes and what changes were made.

                      Medicare Claims

                      • Claims that are resolved are now visible in the exceptions screen. And, clicking them will reveal the details of each claim.

                      New Templates

                      • The Queensland Police Service Academy Medical Centre trauma sheet template has been added
                      • The Women’s Ultrsound Malvern template has been added

                      End User Licence Agreement

                      • Security is important to us, and so the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) can now be accessed at any time via the taskbar menu on the bottom left corner of Helix.

                      Bug Fixes

                      • A bug that prevented users from downloading files from migrated data has been fixed.
                      • The state/territory field was previously not editable when creating a new patient. A patient had to be saved before it was possible. This is now fixed.
                      • A bug that resulted in a horizontal scrollbar sometimes appearing in the timeline has been fixed.

                      Helix Release Notes – 17 September, 2020


                      Patient Notes

                      • Admin users can set a patient note as active (is visible) or inactive (is not visible). Previously, the count for patient notes included active and inactive notes whereas, now, only notes that are marked as active will be counted.

                      Batches with Medicare exceptions

                      • When a batch contains Medicare exceptions, Helix now indicates both the claims with exceptions, and the number of successfully submitted claims.

                      Medicare reason codes

                      • The latest Medicare reason codes and descriptions used to describe the reasons why a claim has been rejected by Medicare are now available.

                      Additional appointment types

                      • The following new appointment types have been added:
                        • Aged Care Visit
                        • Home Visit

                      Bug Fixes

                      • Some pathology templates would display the fax number in the phone number field. The templates had minor alignment issues. Both issues are fixed with the phone number field only showing phone numbers now.
                      • In some cases processing a rebate for fully paid private patient claims resulted in a warning that the OPV check was not successful even when it was. This has been fixed.
                      • A task could not be acknowledged if the message contained one long word without any spaces used. The “Acknowledge” Button was not visible. This has been fixed.
                      • When a WC claim was issued with one or more $0 items, it was not displayed in patients transaction history. This has been fixed now.
                      • Radiology referrals weren’t printing the copies to person on the request form. This has been added to the templates.
                      • A drawing tool misalignment issue on some screen resolutions has been fixed.
                      • The issue of not being able to attach results to certain templates has been fixed.

                      Helix Release Notes – 4 September, 2020


                      Electronic Prescribing

                      • ePrescribing has been enabled for practices in Melbourne Metro in accordance with Government timelines.

                      Two-factor Authentication

                      • We are starting to roll out two-factor Authentication for MedicalDirector Helix for increased security. Users will start to see this come into effect over the coming weeks.  Once you’ve downloaded an Authenticator app and completed the initial setup, when you login to Helix, you will be asked to verify your identity using a one-time code.

                      MedicalDirector Service Status

                      • We’ve introduced MedicalDirector Status Page to keep you up to date on Helix system information, general maintenance, and service outages.  If you’re experiencing an issue in Helix, you can subscribe to receive alerts via email and SMS, or you can visit the Status Page for updates.


                      • When processing a refund in Helix, we have simplified the workflow so that ‘manual refund’ has already been selected, saving time for your Admin staff.

                      Patient Extract

                      • All scanned documents from DMS that have been assigned to patient, are now shown in the patient extract file under ‘Documents In’ section.

                      Phone Appointments

                      • Patients’ phone numbers can now be captured in the appointment booking flow to make the Teleconsult workflow simpler. Also, the patient record can now be automatically updated with new phone numbers.

                      Care Plans

                      • When creating a care plan, you can now complete the plan without capturing a patient’s height, weight or blood pressure, if deemed not clinically relevant to the plan or if you are unable to take measurements at the time, e.g. during a remote consultation.


                      • Claims rejected by Medicare because they are of $0 amount, can now be accepted or resubmitted. This helps when a practitioner visits a patient outside the practice and an item worth $0 is created.

                      Bug Fixes

                      • The time displayed on Bulk Bill, Receipts Issued and Patient Details reports are both now the same in preview and printed versions.
                      • Issue reported by some practices when manually confirming or declining an appointment has been fixed
                      • Issue reported by some practices when saving letters during consults has been fixed
                      • A scrollbar has been added to show all items added to a consult on the billing screen. Previously when many items were present, they were not all visible.
                      • Printing a BulkBill voucher from within the In Exception screen now works.
                      • New items can no longer be added to a claim that is marked resolved.

                      Helix Release Notes – 6 August, 2020



                      • Allow patient related tasks to be optionally visible to all users in the patient timeline.

                      Radiology and Pathology

                      • Additional Pathology/Radiology providers are available to select as your preferred provider.
                        • Direct Radiology (QLD)
                        • Southern IML Pathology (NSW)
                      • The formatting of the Douglass Hanly Moir template has been improved by realigning some of the free text areas

                        Bug Fixes   

                        • Changing from 1/3 to the full view in the appointment book caused an intermittent issue where the previous state of the appointment book was not shown. This is now fixed.
                        • The tasks area has been refactored to add standard pagination, sorting and an additional column for created date solving the issue of tasks going missing after they had been acknowledged.

                              Helix Release Notes – 23 July, 2020


                              Address Book 

                              New specialist types have been added, the following specialist types are now available for selection.

                              • Dentist
                              • Orthodontist
                              • Retina Specialist
                              • Counsellor
                              • General Physician
                              • ENT Specialists
                              • Colorectal Surgeon
                              • Oculoplastic Surgeon
                              • Clinical Myotherapist

                              Imaging template

                              • A generic imaging template to print on non branded stationery has been added to Helix

                              Bug Fixes   

                              • An intermittent issue where notes within an appointment were unable to be saved is now fixed.

                                Helix Release Notes – 9 July, 2020


                                Integrated LiveChat with Support 

                                You can now to chat to the customer service team live from inside Helix using our updated LiveChat widget. Starting a chat will automatically create a case with our Customer Service team linked directly to your practice, ensuring you are receiving the most up-to-date information and assistance from the most experienced agent for your enquiry. Agents are available to assist from 8am to 8pm weekdays, and 9am to 5pm Weekends and public Holidays. 

                                Exception Management 

                                The Exception Management process has been redesigned to make the experience easier and to ensure completed claims are always transmitted to Medicare.

                                • The new exception management screen lets the user accept an item without having to edit it if it is ready to submit. 
                                • The new exception management screen lets the user resubmit items with a clear workflow. When resubmitting an item, the item can be edited or a new one can be added. Resubmitting will move this item to un-batched list from where it can be re-batched and transmitted. 
                                • A claim can now only be submitted when all required information is completed. 
                                • The claimed vs paid amount is now accurate. 
                                • Once all items of a claim have been entered, the exception screen will display all the details of the exception, who submitted it, and when it was accepted or prepared for resubmitting. 

                                Bug Fixes   

                                • Patient Notes can now be added to a newly created patient. 
                                • When a batch has been receipted instead of transmitting to Medicare, the resolved status shows paid as zero dollars. The previous logic was only working when transmitting the claim to Medicare or accepting the invoice item from the exceptions screen.

                                  Helix Release Notes – 28 May, 2020


                                  Editing Patient Notes

                                  • Patient notes can now be edited by the user who created the note regardless of the creation date.
                                  • A user can flag patient notes as Important/Unimportant irrespective of who created the flag and the creation date if it was created by the same user.
                                  • An admin can set any note as Important/Unimportant irrespective of who created the flag and the creation date.

                                  Helix Release Notes – 19 May, 2020


                                  Telehealth Appointments

                                  • Telehealth appointment links can now be sent via SMS and email and the appointment link can also now be resent to the patient from the visit screen if required.
                                  • Patient mobile number and email address can be captured or updated when booking a Telehealth appointment, with the information saved to the patient’s record.
                                  • Telehealth appointments booked via third-party providers will be displayed on the Appointment Card within Helix, so you can send the appointment link out of Helix.

                                  Patient Notes

                                  • A Patient Note can now be flagged/unflagged as important by both clinical and practice management users.

                                    Bug Fixes

                                    The following issues have been fixed:

                                    • It is no longer possible to add/edit/delete items for a visit that has been transmitted in the consult and visit screen. This previously led to items being stuck in draft. Users are informed if a visit needs to be edited when hovering over the add button.

                                    Helix Release Notes – 30 April, 2020


                                    Patient Queue

                                    • Notes entered in the appointment book are now visible in the Patient Queue.


                                    • Weight can now be entered with up to three decimal points, this will ensure additional accuracy when recording measurements.

                                    Appointment book

                                    • To support remote working, GPs can now arrive patients to the Queue themselves, whereas previously only users with the role of Receptionist or Practice Manager could perform this action.For those who do not want this feature enabled – we can turn it off upon request (we are working on a solution where this can be managed by the practices themselves)

                                    Bug Fixes

                                    Appointment Book

                                    The following issues have been fixed:

                                    • Patients being arrived multiple times in the Queue
                                    • The HCP being set as first available
                                    • Referral details are no longer lost while billing the pateint in the Queue

                                    Helix Release Notes – 16 April, 2020

                                    Enhancements (COVID-19)

                                    Appointment Book and the Queue

                                    • You can now flag an appointment and/or a queue item with a “Caution” label, intended to warn administration staff and practitioners to check the notes for more information on the patient. The flag can be added or removed whilst in the appointment book and queue in the details screen.

                                    Telehealth and Phone Consults Queue

                                    • To better support the workflow for Telehealth and Phone consults, patients for these appointment types will automatically ‘arrive’ (be added) to the queue 10 minutes before the appointment start time. This work has been done to ensure they appear in the queue even though they have not physically arrived at the practice.

                                    Enhancements (General)

                                    Medicare Batching and Transmission Screen

                                    • A label is now displayed next to the symbol on the filter in the Medicare Batching and Transmission screen.

                                    Helix Release Notes – 3 April, 2020

                                    3 April, 2020

                                    What’s New

                                    Advanced Search

                                    • When looking at any search results, you can create a recall for those patients.


                                    Advanced Search

                                    • You now have a search option to include deceased patients.
                                    • You can now add multiple terms at once in the medical filter section (e.g. multiple conditions, medications, allergies and/or vaccinations).

                                    Work Areas

                                    • There is a change to the error message that appears in the billing screen if a work-area is selected that is not relevant to the Practitioner. Instead of a code, it will now show a work area name.

                                    Bug Fixes

                                    Pathology Results

                                    • The header text in pathology results has been corrected so it doesn’t overlap the result.


                                    • The SMS Template Creator has been fixed to provide an accurate number of SMS messages that will be sent for a single reminder.

                                    Helix Release Notes – 27 March, 2020

                                    What’s New


                                    • A new ‘Phone’ appointment type is now available in the appointment book. This will enable you to identify any phone appointments in the appointment card.
                                    • A ‘Phone’ label has been created to identify Telehealth appointments in the patient queue.


                                    Patient Notes

                                    • Notes can now be seen and added in the patient consult screen by Health Care Professionals (HCP’s). These notes are visible to everyone in Helix.

                                    Helix Release Notes – 19 March, 2020

                                    What’s New

                                    COVID-19 (coronavirus)

                                    Based on advice from our Chief Medical Officer, we have released the following items in Helix to support practices dealing with COVID-19.


                                    Radiology and Pathology

                                    • Additional Pathology/Radiology providers are available to select as your preferred provider.
                                      • Illawarra Radiology Group
                                      • PRP Diagnostic Imaging
                                      • Cervical Screening Test types have been introduced to replace the outdated pap-smear test type.

                                    Letter Writer Templates

                                    • A new template GP Eating Disorders Plan (EDP) has been added to the Letter Writer and can be accessed from the search field.

                                    Transaction History Screen

                                    • The default setting for the transaction history screen of each patient filters to the status ‘All’ instead of ‘Unpaid & Unfinalised’.

                                    Outstanding Balance Report

                                    • The Outstanding Balance Report now splits any item billed against the Healthcare Provider (HTP) and items billed to the Centre (CTR). CTR items now appear as additional line items in the third section of the report.

                                    Bug Fixes

                                    SMS Reminders

                                    • For sites with over 200 user accounts, SMS reminders can now be sent.

                                    Helix Release Notes – 5 March, 2020


                                    Patient Timeline

                                    • Pagination has been added to the Patient Timeline, which means you can navigate between pages quickly to find the information you are searching for. Now, when scrolling through the timeline, if you view a document and then return to the timeline the scrollbar position will be saved.

                                    Radiology and Pathology

                                    • Additional Pathology/Radiology providers are available to select as your preferred provider.
                                      • Engadine Medical Imaging


                                    • The claim number/ID field has been moved underneath the employer field, ensuring you have an easier time when using the Worker Compensation template.

                                    Bug Fixes


                                    • We’ve improved the process of inputting consult information. When you navigate away from the consult screen, your notes will be stored, and will be there when you return to that screen. This will help you to resume your consult as normal.

                                    Appointment Book

                                    • We’ve updated the daily appointment count, ensuring you can see how many appointments are on that specific day.

                                    Helix Release Notes – 6 February, 2020



                                    • Admin users are not directly associated with a Centre and therefore cannot resubmit immunisation claims. To prevent this, a new tool tip has been added.

                                    Medicare Claiming

                                    • Colour-coding now indicates whether amounts paid by Medicare reflect what you claimed. Lower amounts are displayed in red. Equal or higher amounts are displayed in green.


                                    • The current date can now be used as a patient’s date-of-birth.

                                    Radiology and Pathology

                                    • Additional Pathology/Radiology providers are available to select as your preferred provider:
                                      • The South Coast Ultra Sound
                                      • Woonona Medical Imaging


                                    • An HCP can now perform an exclusion query during search queries. For example, you can search for all patients over 65 years who have NOT had a flu vaccination in the last year.
                                    • The ability to delete previously saved reports / search criteria has now been added.

                                    Bug Fixes


                                    • The notes field doesn’t appear when the text has been removed.


                                    • Improved performance for the Transaction Payment Report.


                                    • The receipts in the banking section now display up to 200 records rather than previous limit of 60 records.

                                    Helix Release Notes – 23 January 2020


                                    Patient Queue

                                    • Move patients around the Patient Queue using drag-and-drop.


                                    • Additional Quality Control applied to patient and vaccination data transmitted to the Australian Immunisation Register.
                                    • Immunisation records are transmitted to the Australian Immunisation Register 6pm daily

                                    Patient Demographics

                                    • A baby’s age is now displayed in completed weeks up until 4 months.

                                    Template Management

                                    • You can now add patient Clinical Summaries anywhere in a letter to suit your preference.
                                    • You can now drag and drop Clinical Summaries (previously called “Attachments”) in any order and to any location in the letter template, and they will appear in this order in new letters based on this template.
                                    • Read more about Template Management.

                                    Letter Writer

                                    • Based on your feedback, we’ve made an exciting update to the style of the Clinical Summary tables in the Letter Writer.

                                    * The new Letter Writer features are currently only available to select group of customer systems. Please contact us for more information.

                                    Radiology and Pathology

                                    • Additional Pathology/Radiology providers are available to select as your preferred provider.
                                      • Australian Clinical Labs (General Pathology)
                                      • MERCY IMAGING REQUEST
                                      • Express Cardio Services
                                      • Genesis Care-cardiology templates

                                    NSW WorkCover Templates

                                    • The text limit of free-text areas for the NSW WorkCover Template has been increased from 70 to 300 characters. An Auto font size feature is enabled which shrinks the font size where needed to ensure that (up to) 300 chars fit into the text boxes. We suggest you use the ‘free text’ area at the bottom of this template if you require further space, until a more flexible template becomes available.

                                    Patient Search and Reporting

                                    • Past Conditions / Ceased Medications: Search for patients who have had a previous condition or who have ceased medications.
                                    • Allergies / Vaccinations: Search for patients with specific allergies or who have been immunised with a specific vaccine.
                                    • Save: Save the search criteria / reports you use frequently to reduce time to access this information

                                    The patient search / reporting tool is being rolled out to the practices in a staggered approach and will be available to all practices in the next two weeks. See more about Patient Reports in Helix.

                                    Bug Fixes

                                    MBS/DVA Subcategory Integration

                                    It was discovered that the following groups and subcategories had to be added to the Helix MBS/DVA fee file upload manually by customers. These are now incorporated in the MBS fee file upload.

                                    Group ID /SubGroup ID:

                                    • A30 / 5,6,7
                                    • A36 / 1,2,3,4
                                    • I3 / 18
                                    • I4/2
                                    • M16 / 1,2,3,4,6