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Helix Updates

Helix MBS & DVA Fee Update

An updated March, 2024 Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) file is now available to download below.

From 1 March 2024 there will be several changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and DVA. These changes include minor administrative and policy changes, as well as the Government’s response to recommendations from the independent MBS Review Taskforce (the Taskforce) and the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) Executive.

There is a 30 second video guide available here on how to update the Medicare Benefit Schedule in Helix.

It is important to set the “Effective date” to 1 March 2024 so that the item codes along with their current pricing loads during issuing or saving the invoice.

The effective date cannot be back dated.  Either the current date or a future date can be selected.

Helix RT-109 3

Read the full details on the MBS website.

If your practice has disabled MedicalDirector Automatic Updates, please follow the instructions below.

Download MBS Update

Please Note: Medical software vendor files (XML and XLSX) have been delayed.  These files will be published as soon as possible. Any claims made from 1 November 2023 onwards will be back dated to reflect the new fees (indexed at 0.5%). Read more here.

For information on how to add these fees to your fee schedule please navigate to the Adding fees manually section and read this article.

Helix Release Notes – MyMedicare update

27 November, 2023

New MyMedicare Registration Template 

We have implemented a template to minimise the impact on patient registration. When you want to register patients for MyMedicare, we have created a form that will auto-populate to help customers streamline the workflow. These templates can be accessed in Letter Writer by simply searching for ‘MyMedicare Patient Registration Form’.

Click on ‘Generate’ and you will have the form ready with patient details filled out.


Other Useful Links:


Helix Release Notes – 8 February, 2024

8 February, 2024

Technical upgrades 🛠️

Transition to Azure Service bus from NATS: We have overhauled the technology that supports messaging and queueing between Medicare and Helix.  This improvement will help reduce or stop any loss of information between the two systems.

Enhancements ✨

Date restrictions removed from Daily Visit Report: The Daily Visit Report has been renamed to ‘Visit Report’ and enhancements made to the date range.

There are now no limitations to the date range for this report, allowing for expanded reporting periods.

User Permission Realignment – Visits and Patients categoryAs part of the ongoing user permissions revision, the lists of permissions in the Visits and Patients categories have been consolidated and renamed for clarity.

Where two or more permissions have been merged, any roles with the source permissions will still have the merged permission.




Bug fixes 🐛

Immunisation historical records failing to be retrieved: We have fixed an issue from the previous update where the historical immunisation records were unable to be retrieved. 

Helix Release Notes – 29 February, 2024

29 February, 2024

Operational update

Updated MBS fee file: The updated MBS fee file as of 1 March is available to download here for uploading into Helix

There is a 30 second video guide available here on how to update the Medicare Benefit Schedule in Helix.

It is important to set the “Effective date” to 1 March 2024 so that the item codes along with their current pricing loads during issuing or saving the invoice.

The effective date cannot be back dated.  Either the current date or a future date can be selected.

Helix RT-109 3

Enhancements ✨

User Permissions – Appointments category: The list of permissions in the Appointments category has been consolidated and renamed for clarity.

Where two or more permissions have been merged, the new permission will be automatically enabled for any role with the original permission.

Helix RT-109 1

User Permissions – Healthcare Professional permission: To simplify managing the list of HCPs, the existing Healthcare professional permission has been moved from the ‘Role’ level and is now a tick box on the individual user account settings.

The tick box is displayed next to the existing ‘Role’ dropdown selector:

Helix RT-109 2

It is important to ensure this Healthcare professional tick box is ticked for any user that is providing clinical services to patients.

If the user is already in a role which had this permission selected, the tick box will be preselected on their account settings.

The Healthcare professional tick box behaves exactly the same way as selecting an ‘HCP’ role for a user; it allows clinician-specific information (such as provider number) to be recorded for the user, ensures their name appears in ‘HCP’ selectors and filters across the application, and streamlines various functions for clinical useability.

For more information, see Healthcare professional and Add a User.

New templates 📝

  • CRS Obstetrics & Gynaecology Referral
  • CRS Outpatient Paediatric Appointment – WA
  • Application for authorisation of Schedule 8 medicines – WA
  • Infectious and Related Diseases Notification Form – WA
  • Geriatrition referral – WAGS – WA
  • Cremation Form 7 – WA
  • CRS adult general ref WA

Enabling ePrescribing in Helix

Step 1: Initial Setup

The Practice

Prior to sending an Electronic Prescription, your site must be registered with eRx Script Exchange to send eScripts. Please check if the practitioners have entity ID in user settings and have an active account. If the entity ID is missing in the user settings, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Support to assist with the setup.

Each practice must have an HPI-O (Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation) number, which must be added to the Centre Settings (accessible via the System Administrator login).


Each registered practitioner must have an HPI-I (Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual) number, which must be updated and saved in the User Settings in Helix.

Ensure all practitioners wishing to participate have Electronic Prescribing enabled in their Preferences settings.

Step 2: Prescribing Electronically

The prescribing workflow in MedicalDirector Helix has been amended to enable ePrescribing. To view the new workflow, read the step-by-step guide.

Read the instructions

Government recommendations for ePrescribers

Communication with your local pharmacies is critical – this will ensure everyone is ready to write and dispense an electronic prescription (noting some pharmacies may require more time and resources to get their dispensing workflow ready). Patients may experience a delay in accessing their medicines including having to return to general practice for a paper prescription if this step is not undertaken.

It is recommended that you confirm that pharmacies in your local area are ePrescribing-enabled, and communicate this to patients when using this form of prescription.

Free on-demand webinar

For a full demonstration of the electronic prescribing process in MedicalDirector Helix, a webinar recording is now available to watch on-demand.

Watch now

Support Docs

For more support, use the LiveChat widget below.

New Medicare Bulk Bill Incentives

From 1 November 2023 higher bulk billing incentives for Commonwealth concession card holders and patients aged under 16 years of age will be introduced and may be co-claimed with the specific consultation items. Please see the MBS Online Fact Sheet for Bulk Billing in General Practice here for further information. 

The new MBS Item numbers that are being released on 1 November to support the triple incentive items are included in the November MBS Fee Update. 

It is not currently possible to automatically add the relevant incentives to only the applicable MBS items 91801, 91802 and 91920 Video Telehealth, and the 91900 and 91910 Phone Telehealth items as this incentive is reliant on the patient being registered at their practice through MyMedicare. At this stage, a patient’s MyMedicare registration is not able to be stored within Helix and therefore unable to be verified as part of this billing workflow. Software Vendors, the MSIA and Services Australia are working together to make this possible in the future.  

To add the new incentive item numbers for eligible patients requires 3 steps detailed below: 

  1. Download the November MBS fee schedule
  2. Import into Helix MBS fee schedule

Enable Incentives for the item numbers: 

  1. Go to ’Settings’
  2. Go to ‘Centre’. Click on ‘Centre settings’
  3. Find your practice and click the ‘Edit’ icon’
  4. Go to ‘Billing’
  5. Add the new incentive item number into the ‘Bulk Billing Default Incentive Item No’ field.
  6. Click ‘Save’

Helix Release Notes – 5 December, 2023

5 December, 2023

Enhancements ✨

New templates created for Letter Writer: ‘Insulin adjustment plan’ template; and ‘Hyperglycaemia sick day management for adults with Type 1 diabetes’ template

Bug fixes 🐛

‘Add Centre’ button unresponsive on user details screen: Some customers with only one centre configured were unable to link the centre when creating a new user account.  This has now been resolved.

SMS appointment reminders 1-2 business day logic reinstated: SMS appointment reminders were previously being sent 24hrs or 48hrs before the scheduled appointment. Previous logic of 1-2 business days has now been reintroduced.

SMS appointment reminders will now be sent 1 business day before the scheduled appointment OR 2 business days before the scheduled appointment. SMS reminders will be sent from 9am AEST/AEDT.

Should practices require the 24hr/48hr logic this can be enabled, allowing appointment reminders to be sent 7 days a week, 24 hours OR 48 hours before appointment start time.

Appointment types showing black instead of colours in Patient Queue: An appointment type was showcasing incorrect colours due to the appointment values being set beyond the AppointmentTypeEnum range. This bug has now been resolved.

Telehealth Consults not auto arriving in patient queue: When a standard appointment type was created and then the appointment type was updated to telehealth, it would cause the consults to not arrive in patient queue. This bug has now been resolved.

Helix Release Notes – 11 January, 2024

11 January, 2024

Immunisation update 💉

December 2023: ‘VERORAB powder for injection’ 3.25 units has been added to Helix’s Immunisation schedule.

Enhancements ✨

Filter added to SMD Outbox view: A filter button has been added to the SMD Outbox to allow you to view a list of either your own documents or all documents.

MBS Incentive items auto-populate for custom roles: We have extended the automatic population of MBS incentive items on a visit to include HCPs of any role, including custom roles.

Previously, they would only populate for roles GP, MDGP or LeadGP.

Visits with a referral will not automatically include the incentive items, and patients must meet the eligible criteria.

Recall Management settings – Centre selection list: In Settings > Centre > Recall Management, the ‘Centre’ selection dropdown list is now filtered to centres linked to you. Roles with the ‘All Centres’ permission will be able to select any centre.  

Bug fixes 🐛

Patient address appearing in patient header: The patient address (suburb and state) now appears consistently in the patient header when the panel is full width.

Helix Release Notes – 23 January, 2024

23 January, 2024

Immunisation update 💉

January 2024: The following has been added to the Helix immunisation schedule:

  • COMIRNATY OMICRON XBB.1.5 injection 30mcg/0.3mL
  • SPIKEVAX XBB.1.5 injection 0.05mg/0.5mL (0.1mg/mL) 

Bug fixes 🐛

Dynamic appointment types not showing on [New] Appointment Report: The [New] Appointment report previously was not capturing dynamic appointment types.

This bug has now been fixed and all appointment types now show when the report is run.

This report can be utilised to view all appointment types, appointment statuses, appointments by HCP and appointments by work area. 

Emailing feature in Letter Writer inaccessible to clinics without HealthLink access: We have addressed a bug where clinics without HealthLink access were not able to access the emailing feature. This has now been rectified.

Helix Release Notes – 21 November, 2023

21 November, 2023

New features 🎁

Inactivity Timeout: In line with the latest electronic prescribing security requirements, an inactivity timeout feature has been introduced. After a period of detected inactivity, users will be required to re-enter their password to continue. The period of inactivity is set to 15 minutes by default, and can be configured in Settings – Security – System Settings by any user with access to roles and permissions under settings.

Enhancements ✨

MyMedicare registrations via Letter Writer: Patients can now be registered via Helix’s Letter Writer. This can be found under ‘MyMedicare Patient Registration Form’.  Please note that this currently requires a manual print out for registration.

Electronic Prescribing: Helix is now aligned to electronic prescribing conformance profile 2.3. Changes include:

  • Reauthentication is required for s8 medications for all states, and no longer requires users to re-enter their username

  • Prompt to indicate when ‘minimum interval between repeats’ is missing when prescribing a controlled drug with repeats

  • Clearer messaging when a user tries to cancel an electronic prescription that has already been dispensed.

  • Other jurisdictional enhancements

Audit LogAn ‘Export’ button has been added to the audit log screen to allow users to export the logs to a CSV file. The ‘Login’ audit log now includes:

  • Login and logoff activity

  • Reauthentication when prescribing S8 medications

  • Reauthentication after a user inactivity timeout

Healthcare Identifiers ServicePatient IHI numbers where the number status is ‘Resolved’ are retained in the ‘IHI History’ list.

Helix Release Notes – 5 October, 2023

5 October, 2023

New feature 🎁

Appointment Report: A new appointment report has been created, allowing more visibility of patient appointments.

This report includes parameters to view appointment data by:

  • Patient
  • HCP
  • Work area
  • Appointment status

Users can also view appointment data in the past and future, allowing a view of the patient’s previous appointment history as well as upcoming appointments.

Bug fix 🐛

Real Time Prescription Monitoring issue: Schedule 8 (S8) drug prescribing bug has been resolved.  This bug prevented some Helix customers from prescribing S8 drugs, defaulting to private and error messages being displayed. 

Helix Release Notes – 2 November, 2023

2 November, 2023

Enhancements ✨

Optometrist added to assign list: Optometrist has been added to the “Assign professional” drop down text line.

Dietitian added to address book: Dietitian has been added to the address book.

Dynamic Appointments: You can now manage your appointments and customise appointment types that are suitable to your practice.

You can customise:

  • Different appointment types
  • Appointment durations

SMS appointment reminder schedule:

Previously, SMS reminders were sent in a batch at 9:00am, either one or two business days prior to appointments, based on centre settings.  This has now been changed to a frequency of every 24 hours or 48 hours.

We have also removed the batching process, allowing SMS reminders to be captured and sent throughout the day.  

  • For example, if an appointment is scheduled for 10:00am Wednesday and reminders are set to 24hrs prior, the SMS reminder is sent at 10:00 Tuesday.  
  • Or, if an appointment is scheduled for 1:00pm Saturday and reminders are set to 48hrs prior, the SMS reminder is sent at 1:00pm Thursday.  

We’ve also removed business day only SMS logic. This means that SMS reminders may now be sent over the weekend as necessary.

This improvement is intended to support clinics operating during weekends, telehealth practices in different time zones, and those conducting appointments outside of traditional business hours.

Helix Release Notes – 12 September, 2023

12 September, 2023


RACGP Active Patient report: This report has been enhanced to show RACGP patients who have had three or more visits within the last two years.

The previous RACGP active patient report was including Helix active patient status along with RACGP logic and was giving inconsistent results in the report.

The “Active as of” date will automatically be set to the current day capturing patients who meet the RACGP definition two years from today.

To view historical data select a date in the past to produce results in two year periods, e.g. 1st Jan 2016 to 1st Jan 2018.


‘Whitlam’ added to suburb list: The ACT suburb of ‘Whitlam’ has been added into Helix.

Helix Release Notes – 10 August, 2023

10 August, 2023


Daily Visits Report: Practice Managers and Healthcare Providers (HCPs) are now empowered to better track patients who have not been billed after a consultation. This enhancement aims to capture visits where an invoice has not been created and the visit status is marked as “Ready to Bill.”

Updating status to badges: We’ve Introduced new badges to Recalls, DMS and Inbox items to replace text-based statuses and improve visual clarity.

Bug fixes🐛

Changing Tasks and Recalls behaviour in Patient Timeline: Previously when using the patient timeline, Tasks and Recalls would appear in the incorrect filters. This issue has been fixed. Tasks and Recalls will only show in their respective individual filters or under the All past history filter.

Helix Release Notes – 27 July, 2023

27 July, 2023

New features🎁

Recalls: Patient recalls has been improved with the following new features: 

  • Custom recall reasons – Recall reasons that practices use to customise, in addition to the current in-built reasons.
  • Recurring recalls – Repeat recalls at timed intervals determined by the practice
  • Recall SMS templates – Create and send SMS recall messages to patients, using a variety of SMS templates that can be created and customised per recall reason.
  • Recalls dashboard – the dashboard for Nurses and Practice Managers has been equipped with additional information to track patient response:
    • Number of attempts (on a recall)
    • Age of the patient
    • Highlight recalls past their due date
    • Print a recall (either with or without counting it as an attempt)

More information and documentation on recalls is available here


Collapsible report descriptions: A collapse and expand feature is now available for report descriptions. This allows more room on the page to show the report parameters.

Bug fixes🐛

Inactive patients showing in general patient report: This has been resolved and the General Patient report now only shows active patients.

Console error when switching from My Health Record upload to other reports: This has been resolved and users can now switch between reports.

Visual illusion of recall comments appearing under wrong patient in the Recalls Dashboard: This has been resolved and previous confusion caused in how comments are displayed has been corrected.

Appointment status colour from appointment card not displaying on appointment reminder timeline: This has been resolved and the correct appointment status colour is displaying. 

SMS appointment reminders incorrectly displaying when it would be automatically sent: This issue has now been resolved (note that this was a visual bug only and did not impact when the actual SMS reminders were sent). 

Incorrect time displayed on the Appointment Reminder timeline (incorrectly displaying the current time instead of the time sent): This issue has now been resolved and shows the correct date and time of when an SMS is sent.

Helix Release Notes – 13 July, 2023

13 July, 2023

New financial reports

Practice Fees by Item Code Report: The Practice Fees by Item Code report offers a comprehensive breakdown of the services invoiced by each practitioner, based on the issued invoices. This report provides detailed information on work areas, visit types, item codes, and total invoiced values. It also includes the applicable Goods and Services Tax (GST) for relevant items.

For each item code, the report includes the following details: 

  • Practitioner: The provider code of the practitioner who rendered the services.
  • Invoiced to: The provider code for whom the services were invoiced.
  • Work area code: The code representing the specific work area where the services were invoiced.
  • Visit type: The type of visit for the provided services, such as Bulk Bill, DVA, Pre-Employment, Private, or Workers Compensation.
  • Item Code: The unique code assigned to each service.
  • Qty: The total number of services provided for each item code.
  • Fees: The dollar amount of the item (exclusive of GST).
  • GST: The total tax payable for the item.

Additionally, the report offers grouping options to break down the services provided by work area, visit type, or both. These breakdowns present the totals for each work area and visit type if applied.

Please note that any adjustments made to invoices are aggregated, and the report reflects the adjusted values in the respective month when the changes were made.


Receipts by Item Code Report: The Receipts by Item Code report provides a summary of the funds allocated to each item code for each doctor within the specified period between the ‘From:’ and ‘To:’ dates.

For each item code, the report includes the following details: 

  • Practitioner: The provider code of the practitioner who rendered the services.
  • Invoiced to: The provider code for whom the services were invoiced.
  • Work area code: The code representing the specific work area where the services were invoiced.
  • Visit type: The type of visit for the provided services, such as Bulk Bill, DVA, Pre-Employment, Private, or Workers Compensation.
  • Item Code: The unique code assigned to each service.
  • Qty: The total number of services provided for each item code.
  • Amount Paid: The dollar amount that was paid against the item (exclusive of GST).
  • GST Paid: The dollar amount of GST included in the payments.

Please be aware that the Deprecated reports are still available for your reference, allowing you to compare them against the new reports.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

    Helix Release Notes – 01 June, 2023

    1 June, 2023

    Update on new feature currently in beta evaluation: Communications Log

    Communications Log is currently being evaluated by our beta release users to make sure its providing the value we intended. Our apologies for getting ahead of ourselves with our earlier communications on this. We are planning to release this feature to all Helix users shortly following the beta evaluation.


    Bug Fix 🐛

    • Claims stuck in Transmit status: Issue resolved where claims previously stuck in the Transmit status during the batching process, can now be retransmit. 

    Claims that can be retransmitted will now be indicated in orange. You will now have the ability to retransmit to Medicare. Other claims containing errors, will still follow the same workflow where you will be required to ‘Unblock batch’.

    If you do not have the permissions enabled to undertake the Retransmit, please reach out to our Helix Customer Support team.



    Helix Release Notes – 22 June, 2023

    22 June, 2023

    Action to take – Customer NPS survey 

    The survey is a valuable tool designed to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty by asking a simple question: “How likely are you to recommend Helix to a friend or colleague?” Responses are on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 representing “Not at all likely” and 10 indicating “Extremely likely.”

    To make participation as convenient as possible, we have integrated the NPS survey into Helix using a user-friendly widget. The process is quick and should only take a few minutes of your time and all responses are anonymous. See our privacy policy.

    Upon logging into Helix, you will notice a prominent section where you can access the survey and provide your feedback.

    We highly encourage you to take part in this survey, as your feedback plays a pivotal role in our ongoing commitment to delivering a superior user experience. The insights gathered from this survey will help us prioritize future updates, address any pain points, and ultimately make Helix application better for you and your practice.

    New feature 🎁

    Financial reports – New Transaction Payment report: The new Transaction Payment report provides comprehensive transaction payment data, including payment date, amount, payment type, and patient information. The report is customisable and can be filtered by date range, payment type, and provider, resulting in an improved user experience.
    The report is accessible via the reports page in Helix under Financial reports. Users will have access to both the new and deprecated Transaction Payment reports for the purpose of comparison until such time that the new report supersedes.

    Bug Fixes  🐛

    • Reduced the number of API calls being made when viewing batch exceptions: Addressed an issue when viewing batch exceptions, which can lead to performance degradation if simultaneously performed by multiple users.
    • Delete prompt when updating and changing the ‘Billing type’ from Appointments: Resolved a bug which occurs when saving and updating the ‘Billing type’ while creating an appointment.  The error prompt that the ‘appointment will be deleted’ has now been removed.

    • Filter batch exceptions by HCP users: Fixed searching claims by HCP username in batch tab

        Helix Release Notes – 23 June, 2023

        23 June, 2023


        PIPQI Self-Service: This feature now enables users to automatically generate and download the reports to submit as part of the Practice Incentive Program.

        Rescheduled Appointment SMS Reminder: Enables users to send an SMS reminder to patients if an appointment has been rescheduled from Helix.

        Multiple replies to SMS Reminders: 

        • Enables users to view multiple replies from patients in Helix (on the appointment timeline).
        • Enable users to view whether a patient has confirmed, declined or responded with an unclear message.
        • When a patient responds to an SMS with an ‘unclear’ message, it will turn orange. The patient can then be followed up with directly.

          Helix Release Notes – 29 June, 2023

          29 June, 2023


          Electronic paperless prescribing (EPP) SMS subsidy extended from 30 June 2023 to 31 July 2027: Electronic paperless prescribing SMS is currently subsidised and the Department of Health and Aged Care has extended the subsidy until 31 July 2027. This is reflected in Helix. 


          Bug Fixes  🐛

          Filters properly resetting in patient timeline after switching between patients: When a user is in the patient timeline, the filters will now reset when switching between one patient to another. The filter displayed will now be consistent with the patient’s information that is selected in the timeline.

            Helix Release Notes – 11 May, 2023

            11 May, 2023

            Enhancements 🎉

            • Recalls dashboard – additions: As part of the ongoing enhancements to the Recalls dashboard , additional column ‘Last Attempt’ has been added to the dashboard as part of this current release.
                1. Last attempt displays the last time the practice sent the customer an SMS, recorded a failure or success contact attempt with the customer.

                2. This column gets updated for both urgent and Non-urgent recalls.

                3. This enables practices to follow up on overdue recalls and others that haven’t had a patient follow up for some time
            • Death Certificate Deprecation: We have removed the single page Death Certificate to ensure Helix practice’s are following the relevant process in their jurisdictions.


            Helix Release Notes – 18 May, 2023

            18 May, 2023

            Enhancements 🎉

            • Recalls dashboard: Based on customer requests, the recalls dashboard has been equipped with the following changes, as part of a series of enhancements to visual aids and additional options for practice managers to manage recalls efficiently and put them to action.

            Printing a Recall letter now has two options giving practice managers the ability to:

            a) print and count as contact attempt (where PM feels so)

            b) print the document (contact attempt not incremented)


            Updates 👍

            • May Immunisation Update: In this month’s Helix IMMS update, the following change has been made to standard vaccines and +NIP:
              The Quadracel vaccine has had Strength2 data added (NameDoseFormStrength)


              Helix Release Notes – 13 April, 2023

              13 April, 2023

              Here are some of the new features and enhancements you’ll find in the latest Helix product update as well as our latest what’s new in Helix video. 👀 

              SMD organisation search: In addition to sending messages to individual practitioners, you can now search for and send secure messages to organisations in the Healthlink provider directory. If a patient requests a referral to ‘ABC Psychologists’, for example, instead of searching for a specialist working at the clinic outside of Helix and then looking them up by name on the Healthlink directory, you can search for ‘ABC Psychologists’ in the directory lookup within the Helix letter writer and then address the letter to the practice.

              Remove from the queue: Based on your feedback, we’ve developed a new feature that will make managing patient queues easier and more efficient. Helix users shared that sometimes patients are mistakenly checked in, or there may be duplicates or early departures that disrupt the flow of the queue. With our latest enhancement, you’ll be able to easily remove these patients from the queue, saving you time and keeping your queue organised throughout the day.

              Northern Territory Department of Health Radiology request template: This template includes a ‘preferred name’ field and other tweaks to improve readability.

              Recalls: Two of the enhancements around recalls that are currently in the works have been released . We’ll be bringing you further recalls enhancements soon.

              Recalls past the due date will now be highlighted in RED to identify where a patient response may be pending.

              The patient’s age is also displayed in weeks, months and years based on the following breakdown. This helps practices follow up on critical recalls for minor patients and the elderly.

              • Up to 16 weeks is displayed as ‘week(s)’
              • After 16 weeks – ‘months’
              • After 12 months – ‘year(s)’
              • Birth up to 6 days is displayed as 0W (0 weeks)

              Helix Release Notes – 27 April, 2023

              27 April, 2023

              Here are some of the new features and enhancements you’ll find in the latest Helix product update deployed overnight. 👀 

              Action to take – new Helix print agent 🖨️

              • As part of our next Helix release, support for Helix Print Agent versions prior to will cease as the new print agent integrates with Auth0 for improved security.
              • This means customers running on print versions below will have to uninstall the old agent and migrate to the new one before our next release in one month’s time. Look for the system alert in the bottom right of Helix and follow the steps in this video to uninstall and install. It shouldn’t take long.

              Enhancements 🎉

              Recalls dashboard – additions: 

              a. URGENT Recalls contact outcome – visual differentiation

              We love your feedback and in response to customer requests, the recalls dashboard for practice managers can be differentiated visually to show ‘urgent’ recalls at a quick glance. Successful attempts are in GREEN font and unsuccessful in RED, see below.


              b. HCP Name under Next Appointments

              The next appointment column in the message centre dashboard now also has the healthcare practitioner (HCP) name with whom the patient is consulting with. This way, practice managers can take next steps around the recall and possibly book/contact patients for appointments with relevant HCPs.


              Secure Message Delivery (SMD) enhancement: In response to customer requests, we’ve added a new filter to indicate which recipients can receive SMD files and messages. Keep an eye out for recipients highlighted in orange, as they won’t be able to receive SMD files and the user will be prompted to select the other search result entry to send their SMD files to. Valid recipients will remain white (as per current state).

              image 2
              Hovering over the orange icon will provide an explanation as to why you can’t send an SMD message to the recipient.

              image 3

              💉 Immunisation Updates – April 2023: The new ‘MODERNA SPIKEVAX BIV BA.4-5′ vaccine has been added to Helix’s immunisation listings. Updates have also been made to the following vaccine names to bring them in line with Services Australia:

              • ‘MODERNA SPIKEVAX’
              • ‘MODERNA SPIKEVAX BIV BA.1’

              Helix Release Notes – 23 March, 2023

              23 March, 2023

              Enhancement 💉

              • Immunisation Update 2023: We’ve made a number of updates to our seasonal influenza vaccines in line with 2023’s formulation. These include:
                AFLURIA QUAD (standard vaccine only)
                FLUAD QUAD
                FLUARIX TETRA (standard vaccine only)
                VAXIGRIP TETRA

              Bug Fix 🐛

              • Previous patient visit items visible during new consult: Patient consults starting from the queue were encountering a cache issue. This issue has now been fixed.

              Helix Release Notes – 9 March, 2023

              9 March, 2023

              Enhancements 🔋

              • MBS Fee Update: We have updated and added new items in this month’s MBS Fee Update. If you haven’t already done so, please update your MBS Fee Schedule with the file provided on our website. If you are experiencing any issues importing into Helix, please reach out to our Customer Support team for guidance.

              Bug Fix 🐛

              • “Secure Message Delivery” delivery status updates in place: “Secure Message Delivery” delivery status updates in place (Sent/Failed) after HCP shares patient documentations (reports, certificates, others) with another HCP via Helix. This way HCPs can ascertain if the communication was received by the other physician. The status is also accessible in the Patient Timeline.

              • Adding item number to patient consult: HCP’s can now select the “Add item number” button within the consult to ensure correct billing is processed.

              Helix Release Notes – 23 February, 2023

              23 February, 2023

              New templates include:

              • BHS Radiology

              Bug Fix 🐛

              • DMS file name:The file upload issue in DMS has now been fixed. Clinicians and Practice managers can now upload PDFs and other files with file names up to 220 characters.

              • Appointment notes history: Button has been reinstated and notes are now visible.

              To see the most important updates and features that have been recently added to Helix please watch the video below.

              Helix Release Notes – 8 February, 2023

              8 February, 2023

              We’ve made some updates which are useful but not that interesting. We hope to bring you a more exciting release next time.

              Helix Release Notes – 31 January, 2023

              31 January, 2023

              New features 🎁

              Preferred name: The preferred name feature will enable practices to use the patient’s ‘preferred name’ across various patient touchpoints including:

              • SMS recall template (settings)
              • SMS appointment reminders
              • Recall letter template
              • Template management
              • Appointment patient search – lookup
              • Appointment list CSV

              Ready to bill: Across bulk billing, DVA, pre-employment, workers compensation and private billing, we’ve alleviated potential confusion caused when patients who have been billed and have paid remain in the ‘ready to bill’ state in the patient queue. We’ve made it clearer when these changes take place and what is required from both administrative and clinical users.


                Bug Fix 🐛

                • Allergies report: As a requirement for accreditation, practices need to submit a report of patients with and without allergies recorded. The report now captures patients with no recorded allergies.

                Helix Release Notes – 19 January, 2023

                19 January, 2023

                We’ve made some tweaks too small to explain and added new templates including:

                • Lake Imaging MRI
                • Hydrogen-Methane Breath Test – Dorevitch Pathology
                • Imaging Request – SA Health
                • Imaging Request Prostate MRI – SA Health
                • Children’s Early Warning Tool (CWET) 3 months to 1 year
                • CEWT 5 to 11 Years
                • CEWT 12 Years
                • CEWT under 3 months