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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 29 February, 2024

29 February, 2024

Operational update

Updated MBS fee file: The updated MBS fee file as of 1 March is available to download here for uploading into Helix

There is a 30 second video guide available here on how to update the Medicare Benefit Schedule in Helix.

It is important to set the “Effective date” to 1 March 2024 so that the item codes along with their current pricing loads during issuing or saving the invoice.

The effective date cannot be back dated.  Either the current date or a future date can be selected.

Helix RT-109 3

Enhancements ✨

User Permissions – Appointments category: The list of permissions in the Appointments category has been consolidated and renamed for clarity.

Where two or more permissions have been merged, the new permission will be automatically enabled for any role with the original permission.

Helix RT-109 1

User Permissions – Healthcare Professional permission: To simplify managing the list of HCPs, the existing Healthcare professional permission has been moved from the ‘Role’ level and is now a tick box on the individual user account settings.

The tick box is displayed next to the existing ‘Role’ dropdown selector:

Helix RT-109 2

It is important to ensure this Healthcare professional tick box is ticked for any user that is providing clinical services to patients.

If the user is already in a role which had this permission selected, the tick box will be preselected on their account settings.

The Healthcare professional tick box behaves exactly the same way as selecting an ‘HCP’ role for a user; it allows clinician-specific information (such as provider number) to be recorded for the user, ensures their name appears in ‘HCP’ selectors and filters across the application, and streamlines various functions for clinical useability.

For more information, see Healthcare professional and Add a User.

New templates 📝

  • CRS Obstetrics & Gynaecology Referral
  • CRS Outpatient Paediatric Appointment – WA
  • Application for authorisation of Schedule 8 medicines – WA
  • Infectious and Related Diseases Notification Form – WA
  • Geriatrition referral – WAGS – WA
  • Cremation Form 7 – WA
  • CRS adult general ref WA