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Preparing your practice for ePrescribing

The launch of ePrescribing is fast approaching, and the health industry is working to ensure GP practices, pharmacies and patients are educated and ready, and that prescribing and dispensing technology is aligned to support this important initiative.

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COVID-19 and the Evolution of Telehealth

In the face of Coronavirus (COVID-19) healthcare providers must consider the best ways to treat patients while limiting further infection. Ongoing advances in security and usability features are making Telehealth a viable option. Read our report to understand the shifting views around remote care in Australia.

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Doctor Google, self-diagnosis and clinical care

‘Dr Google’ – is impacting the relationship between Australians and their health practitioners, as well as how individuals interpret their own health. Gaining significant media coverage, MedicalDirector’s research surveyed over 1,500 Australians, and revealed Australians are now starting to form a ‘habit’ of searching Google for answers before – or instead of – seeking professional medical advice.

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The smart guide to starting your medical practice

Ready to run your own practice? Congratulations! Your decision marks a significant turning point in your professional medical career. In this guide, we explain how a smarter way to start a medical practice, based on efficient and scalable processes, can help set you up for success, ensure better patient outcomes and allow you to work in a way that suits you best.

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Calculating the cost of starting your medical practice

Investing in the smartest, most innovative clinical practice management methods from the start will help empower your practice to scale, achieve competitive advantage, while adapting to the needs of your patients now, and in the future. A future-thinking, smart financial plan for any medical practice needs to start with the premise that every dollar spent in healthcare needs to contribute to the most efficient and effective way of providing ideal levels of patient care.

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Patient Engagement Survey 2018

In our latest White Paper, we surveyed over 2,000 patients across Australia, to discover what patients really expect from their healthcare providers when it comes to delivering personalised care, including choosing the right communication channels, leveraging technology and providing resources to better manage health conditions.

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Interoperability in healthcare

Technology is having a catalyst effect on healthcare, opening up exciting opportunities to vastly improve the flow of information, offer deeper data insights, enhance clinical workflow and optimise better patient outcomes.

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Healthcare in the cloud

In a sector as important as healthcare, the potential for technology to optimise workflows and outcomes, deliver insights to inform future-planning, and improve the sustainability of care delivery cannot be ignored.