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White paper

Healthcare in the cloud.

In a sector as important as healthcare, the potential for technology to optimise workflows and outcomes, deliver insights to inform future-planning, and improve the sustainability of care delivery cannot be ignored.


White paper

2016 Practice Survey.

This report examines attitudes towards cloud-based IT systems, technology trends with the potential to transform patient care and, more broadly, the obstacles and opportunities facing health professionals across Australia in 2016. 


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Chronic Care Challenge.

Managing chronic disease is an ongoing issue in General Practice. As the number of patients presenting with a chronic disease rises, so too do the associated administration costs and government requirements.


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2015 Practice Survey.

The nature of medicine is constantly changing, with new discoveries and innovations happening daily. Over the past 20 years there has been significant evolution in the way clinicians and practices operate; from index cards, to the introduction of drug interaction databases.