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The use of alternative medicines is on the rise among patients, and while they might not always tell their doctor, there is a good chance many of them are taking something on top of their prescribed pharmaceutical medicines, whether it’s a multivitamin, a weight loss supplement or a herbal remedy.

The natural medicines market is a multi-billion-dollar industry and Australia has one of the highest levels of uptake of natural medicines in the developed world. While a lot of Australians view natural medicines as an important part of managing their health and wellness, health professionals’ attitudes towards natural medicines are still divided.

To learn more about patient attitudes to alternatives medicines, we surveyed 1,500 Australians to find out what they know about natural medicines and how comfortable they are talking to their GPs about them.

Read our report to learn about:

  • Patient attitudes towards natural and traditional medications
  • Who patients rely on for information on natural medicines
  • What concerns patients have on the acceptance of natural medicines in the health-care sector

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