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Clinical Updates

Upgrade to the latest version of Clinical & Pracsoft

Take advantage of the latest features in MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft 4.3

  • Emails can now be sent with PDF attachments, can be password protected and can be sent directly from the patients file
  • Send email directly from the patient’s record
  • Add Progress Notes from anywhere in the patient workflow, via a new floating panel
  • Record a patient’s gender identity and preferred pronouns
  • Three new, intelligent tools now appear pre-installed within your Smartbar (Sidebar)

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March 2024 Clinical Drug MDref Update

1 March, 2024

The March 2024 MDref drug database and content update for MedicalDirector Clinical is now available and current from 1 March 2024. The update is a fully rebuilt MDref drug database, CMI (Consumer Medicines Information), PI (Product Information) and updated MedicalDirector Clinical content.

We strongly recommend that you update your MDref database every month. Monthly PBS changes, including new items, Streamlined Authority changes and PBS pricing details, are included in the monthly MDref update. Without this data, you are at risk of creating invalid PBS scripts.

Download March 2024 Drug Update (946 MB)

This update also includes the following:

  • March 2024 MBS Item Numbers
  • Updated Pathology List
    • Capital Pathology
    • Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology
  • Several Template Updates
    • Advara HeartCare (NSW) (Updated)
    • Southside Endoscopy Gastroenterology referral (Updated)
    • Referral Form – Central Victorian Cardiology (Updated)


  • This MDref update can only be applied to MedicalDirector Clinical 3.12.1 (or above).
  • The update is quite a large file, ensure you allocate sufficient time for this update.

MyMedicare update for Clinical and Pracsoft

Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHAC) and Services Australia have been engaging with the sector, including the Medical Software Vendors Industry Association (MSIA), to agree the design specifications for integration of the MyMedicare initiative with patient management software.

While we wait for the specifications, we’ve developed the following interim solutions:

A New MyMedicare Registration Template: We have implemented a template to minimise the impact on patient registration. When you want to register patients for MyMedicare, we have created a form that will auto-populate to help streamline your workflow. These templates can now be accessed in Letterwriter by simply searching for ‘MyMedicare’ under the ‘Supplied’ tab. 

A New MyMedicare Registration (check box)In the upcoming MedicalDirector Pracsoft 4.3 release, there will be a check box to identify your patients who are registered with MyMedicare.

Note: This will require a manual updating of the field using information from Services Australia.

Smart Visual Dashboards: There will soon be new metrics added to our Smart Visual Dashboards in an update which will help support your practice in identifying patients who are eligible for MyMedicare, along with those who will get the most value from joining the program. Get your practice started with Smart Visual Dashboards.

Other Useful Links:

Telstra Health is consistently engaging with representatives from the Department, Services Australia, and our industry association to emphasise the urgency of progressing this work as quickly as possible.

Enabling ePrescribing in Clinical

Step 1: Initial Setup

The Practice

Each practice must have an HPI-O (Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation) number, which must be entered in the associated field on the Practice tab in Clinical under the Tools menu.

The practice also requires that eRx Script Exchange is setup on the practice network.


Each registered practitioner must have an HPI-I (Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual) number, which must be entered in the associated field within the Practitioner’s details.

Step 2: Software upgrade

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Government recommendations for ePrescribers

Communication with your local pharmacies is critical – this will ensure everyone is ready to write and dispense an electronic prescription (noting some pharmacies may require more time and resources to get their dispensing workflow ready). Patients may experience a delay in accessing their medicines including having to return to general practice for a paper prescription if this step is not undertaken.

It is recommended that you confirm that pharmacies in your local area are ePrescribing-enabled, and communicate this to patients when using this form of prescription.

Free on-demand webinar

For a full demonstration of the electronic prescribing process in MedicalDirector Clinical, a webinar recording is now available to watch on-demand.

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Support Docs

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MedicalDirector Insights 1.8.20 Update

MedicalDirector Insights 1.8.20 is now available for your practice to meet the latest Department of Health requirements for PIP-QI, nKPI and OSR reporting for the December 2023 reporting period.

What do I need to do?

  1. Download and run the .exe file, then follow the instructions as prompted for installation.
  2. Once the new MedicalDirector Insights 1.8.20 version has been installed, you will need to generate a new Ad-hoc collection before you run your nKPI reports.
  3. Navigate to Reporting, and then click nKPI’s. Please review the output of the report and record any unexpected results.
  4. Submit your nKPI report to the Health Data portal.
  5. Log into the health data portal
  6. Locate your new nKPI submission and review the results.

Simply download and run the file on your workstation.

Download (EXE 50MB)

View Release Notes

Upgrade Prerequisites

  • Clinical & Pracsoft 3.16+
  • Workstation – Win 7 and above
  • Server – Win 2008 and above
  • Database – SQL Server 2005 & above