Clinical Updates

MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft 3.18 Update


MedicalDirector is pleased to provide your practice with the new MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft 3.18 update, which will provide you with the latest features and functionality to enhance performance, give you the ability to reprint lost pathology requests, keep your practice up to date with the latest National Immunisation Program (NIP) Childhood Schedule.

Key Benefits of the new MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft 3.18

  • Enhanced performance– Reduce the time taken when opening a patient file by up to 2 seconds per patient, which equates to a 28%* performance improvement.
  • Reprint Pathology Requests– Providing the convenience and ability to reuse or reprint pathology requests with one simple click.
  • Switch seamlessly between Clinical and Pracsoft/Bluechip – Experience single sign-on from Clinical to Pracsoft/Bluechip.
  • Updated National Immunisation Program (NIP) childhood schedule– Enable you to administer the right immunisations at the right time, to provide the best possible protection for your patients.
  • New Online Directory Search facility available via Address book – Provides you access to an extensive and up to date real time national database of healthcare providers powered by HealthLink.
  • High-risk medication alerts with SafeScript– Safecsript alerts provide you with detailed information of patients on high risk prescription medicine, during the normal prescribing workflow. SafeScript is part of the new initiative by the Victorian Government on Real-Time Prescribing Monitoring (RTPM) legislation, which will facilitate the early identification, treatment and support for patients who are developing signs of dependence. SafeScript is currently only available for practices in Victoria.

*Based on readings for different versions taken from same the workstation. 1 Server connected to 3 workstations. Data was read from one workstation only. Server: 3.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM | Workstation: 3.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM

    • Visual Update for Desktop Icons – MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft now reflects our new branding with a visual update to our Clinical tools and in application logo’s.

For sites on Clinical & Pracsoft 3.16 and above, download EXE.

Download EXE (1GB)
Review upgrade process checklist

For sites on 3.15.3c and below, download the following file.

Download ISO (2.32GB)
Review upgrade process checklist

Note: This download is an ISO file (DVD image file) and you will need to use third party DVD burning software to create a DVD from this ISO file (or extract the contents using a utility such as WinRAR) in order to use it to install.

System requirements
MedicalDirector Systems Requirements assists practices in identifying their computer hardware, Operating System and software requirements for this release. We recommend that practices consult a Microsoft Certified Technician to determine the exact requirements and licensing arrangements required to meet their specific needs. Please note that they are minimal guidelines and your actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration, installed applications and usage.
View System Requirements here

Release Notes
The MedicalDirector Clinical and Pracsoft 3.18 Release Notes outlines the enhancements, modifications and fixes contained in this release.

View Release Notes Here

MedicalDirector Insights 1.8.1 Update


MedicalDirector is excited to announce that MedicalDirector Insights 1.8.1 is now available for your practice, in preparation for the July 2019 national Key Performance Indicator (nKPI) data collection.

What’s new in this release:

This release contains a number of changes related to the nKPI, OSR and NSW nKPI Reporting:

  • Select the HCP data collection tick box so that HCP data can be collected and uploaded to the Department of Health portal.
  • Checkbox enhancement so that a subset of patients can now be selected for export or recalls.
  • Ability to view individual patient lists have been added to those missing OSR reports modal screens.
  • To better depict the MedicalDirector Insights Demographic data, a pyramid chart has replaced the previous pie chart used that better demonstrates Age Group, Male count and Female count.

What do I need to do?

  1. Download and run the .exe file, then follow the instructions as prompted for installation.
  2. Once the new MedicalDirector Insights version has been installed, you can generate a new Ad-hoc collection, or you can use one of your existing collections.
  3. Navigate to Reporting, and then click nKPI’s. Please review the output of the report and record any unexpected results.
  4. Submit your nKPI report to the Health Data portal.
  5. Login to the health data portal.
  6. Locate your new nKPI submission and review the results.  NOTE: if you need additional assistance with the Health Portal, please let us know.

Simply download and run the file on your workstation.

Download (EXE 50MB)

Upgrade Prerequisites

  • Clinical & Pracsoft 3.16+
  • Workstation – Win 7 and above
  • Server – Win 2008 and above
  • Database – SQL Server 2005 & above
  • Department of Health ‘Submission token’ and Data Portal log in details. If you do not have these details contact Department of Health

Amended April 2019 MDref Update


We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the recent April 2019 MDref update.

Our development team have released a new April MDref file to correct the issue. The new file will rectify the Pathology Request Issue.

If your MDref is set to automatically install via the MedicalDirector Automatic Update utility, it will automatically install this new version over the top of your existing April MDref, no action is required from you.

If you manually installed the April MDref you will need to download and install the new file located on the right.

Current from 1 April 2019, this update includes a fully rebuilt MDref drug database, full CMI (Consumer Medicines Information), PI (Product Information), and updated MedicalDirector Clinical content.

Additional Content:

This update also includes the following:

  • Updated Letter Writer templates
    • Centrelink – Verification of medical conditions
    • NSW Death Certificate
    • Referral Form – GenesisCare (Cardiology SA)
    • Referral Form – Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (QLD)
  • Updated Travel Medicine
  • Updated pathology tests
    • Pathology test lists for Sonic Pathology Australia are updated.
  • Updated MBS fees


  • You MUST have MedicalDirector Clinical 3.12.1 (or above) installed as a pre-requisite for this MDref update. This MDref update can only be applied to MedicalDirector Clinical 3.12.1 (or above).
  • This update is quite a large file. Please make sure you allocate sufficient time for the download process.
  • MedicalDirector strongly recommends that you update your MDref database every month. Monthly PBS changes, including new items, Streamlined Authority changes and PBS pricing details, are included in the monthly MDref update. Without this data you are at risk of creating invalid PBS scripts.

Click HERE for a full list of drug database changes in this MDref update.

To install the ‘MDrefApr2019_20190401.exe’ file, simply double click on the Download Button.

July 2019 MDref Update


MedicalDirector is pleased to announce the release of the July 2019 MDref drug database and content update for MedicalDirector Clinical. This is in line with our commitment to provide monthly drug database updates to subscribers.

The following MDref is current from 1st July 2019, and is a incremental update that builds on the most recent full build of MDref (April 2019).

MedicalDirector strongly recommends that you update your MDref database every month. Monthly PBS changes, including new items, Streamlined Authority changes and PBS pricing details, are included in the monthly MDref update. Without this data you are at risk of creating invalid PBS scripts.

Click here for a full list of drug database changes in this MDref update.

Download July 2019 Drug Update (111MB)

This update also includes the following templates:

  • Updated Letter Writer templates
    • Referral Form – Eastern Heart Victoria
  • Updated pathology tests
    • Capital Pathology


  • This incremental update can only be applied over the following MDref releases:
    • April 2019
    • May 2019
    • June 2019