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Work from anywhere with Helix clinical and practice management software

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Empower your medical practice with the cloud. It gives you the flexibility to work remotely while the intuitive software enhances patient experience.


Care for patients remotely with integrated telehealth consultations.

Helix allows you to manage all aspects of patient interactions on the go, in your practice, or wherever you are treating patients. Access records, bookings, consultations, payments and more from anywhere, at any time on laptop, desktop, tablet - and soon, via your mobile phone.

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, practices using Helix are prepared.

Intuitive software that understands doctors' needs.

Get up and running quickly with an easy to access, navigate and understand solution, with information that’s organised and formatted to fit exactly how you think as a medical practitioner.


Automatic software updates.

With powerful servers operating off-premise, we take care of any regular software update roll-outs, including security updates, freeing your time to focus on what matters most, delivering quality care to patients.

Greater access to innovation.

Helix connects your practice to the widest range of partner technologies in the market, giving you access to more of the latest innovations in healthcare.


Switching is safe, simple and personal.

With a dedicated team that will work with you throughout the process, we ensure that switching to Helix is quick, easy and your data is fully secure and protected with encryption throughout migration. We’ll train each user to ensure that using Helix quickly becomes second nature.

What our customers say

Dr. Martin Samy | Samy Medical Group

Without Helix, I couldn’t run my medical practice. I could have the most beautifully painted and decorated practice, but without the power of Helix, my practice wouldn’t be able to function.

Dr. Mohammed Naushaduddin | Dr. Faiz Clinic

I am enjoying this journey with Helix. Every month I get updates and I know the system is being improved to my expectations, the software is ever improving and customer care support is fantastic.

Dr. Natalia Bakhilova | Terralong Street Surgery

Good and intuitive clinical software which allows me to do my clinical work and support my Registrars to cope with complicated patients by using shortcuts on several significant functions. It has improved quality of our medical records dramatically. Even accreditation team was impressed in spite of us being anxious. During my recent 2 weeks trip to USA  I accessed Helix via my iPad and stayed connected. Every upgrade brings more functionality to program and it is very satisfying to see suggestions you had made were listened to.

Dr. James McDonald

As a sole practitioner, I need a solution that is simple to use, collaborative and doesn’t require a lot of hardware maintenance or IT support


Simplifying clinical workflow.

We understand that clinical workflow has its pressures and challenges. That’s why we’ve developed a practice solution to help streamline common clinical tasks, reduce workload and the physical and cognitive burdens of clinical practice.

Optimal clinical experience.

With greater efficiency and flexibility, Helix helps support more efficient clinical decision-making to enhance the overall clinical experience for you and your patients.


Increase patient communication time.

Helix reduces the amount of clicks during a consult, giving you access to more valuable time for direct patient care.

Enjoy a more efficient clinical workflow, open more communication time with patients and a better personal connection between doctor and patient.

Flexible patient care.

Whether you are treating a patient in your practice or remotely, the secure Helix platform is accessible anywhere and on any device, ensuring the patient experience is seamless from the moment they book an appointment, to the moment they recover.

Access the full view of your patients’ medication list, medical history & timeline of results - wherever you go.


Enhanced real-time drug warnings.

As an innovative, real-time solution, Helix ensures all drug warning, drug safety and drug interaction alerts are visually enhanced and are updated in real-time, to help improve patient-safety and provide professional peace-of-mind.

One system, one solution.

Manage all aspects of your patient’s interaction with your practice, from bookings through to consultations and payments, all from the one easy-to-use platform.


We take security seriously.

Helix is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which undertakes extensive accreditation reviews with the Australian Signals Directorate, and spends $1 billion on security globally each year. Helix ensures your data is backed-up across two Australian data centres, meeting stringent Australian privacy standards.


Award-winning solution.

A truly transformative solution for healthcare, our innovations with Helix won MedicalDirector the 2018 AFR’s Australian Financial Review’s award for Best Business Model Innovation.

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