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Cloud-Based Practice Management Software

Helix: Enabling health practitioners to meet the demands of modern healthcare

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Embrace the future of healthcare delivery in Australia with MedicalDirector’s cloud-based electronic medical record and practice management software Helix


Enable ideal healthcare with Helix

Helix combines practice management and clinical workflows into one seamless, modern online interface. Manage all patient interactions securely on the go, or in your practice, with our cloud-based solution with fully integrated telehealth, ePrescribing, Real Time Prescription Monitoring, integration with the Australian Immunisation Register and the most up-to-date drug database in Australia, AusDI.

Reduce practice costs with server-free infrastructure and automatic upgrades

Helix helps to reduce practice costs through straightforward licensing and simplified IT infrastructure – removing reliance on a physical server and reducing the need for IT support. Upgrades occur automatically eliminating the need for downtime.


Increase efficiency with simplified workflows

Helix increases efficiency through simplified, connected clinical and practice management workflows – resulting in faster load times, fewer clicks and streamlined design. The intuitive and accurate search functionality requires no minimum characters and keyboard shortcuts will help you save time.

Tools for end-to-end medical practice management

A complete practice management solution giving you access to plenty of great features, including:

  • online appointment scheduling and management
  • seamless telehealth integration
  • automated medical billing
  • easy access to patient records
  • revenue cycle management.

What our customers say about our Helix practice management software

Scotts Head Medical Centre

“MedicalDirector Helix has really reimagined medical practice. I can be 100% more efficient in the time that I'm spending at my practice. I'm spending less time on my computer and more time with my patients.”

Terralong Street Surgery

“Helix actually makes teamwork much easier. Anyone at any moment can open up a patient's file and it actually distinguishes who has written notes. It's clear, it's quality and it's accessible.”

Samy Medical Group

We run all our administration through one site for all our practices and that’s really easy to do because we can access it anywhere and that’s why we love the cloud-based system… Everybody finds Helix really intuitive to use.

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Support patients remotely with online access anywhere, anytime

Helix enables practice mobility – through online practice management software that is accessible anywhere and from any device. As long as there’s an internet connection, your practice management system is available to staff and patients.

This fully online clinic management tool supports healthcare providers to manage all aspects of patient interactions from wherever they are using ePrescriptions, accessing and updating patient notes and doing billing using a simple and secure login from any computer with the internet.

Eliminate downtime with automatic updates

Helix eliminates manual software upgrades. These automatic updates eliminate downtime and related IT support, allowing time to be refocused on what matters most – delivering quality care to patients.

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Manage compliance with immediate access to industry-wide changes*

Helix assists practices to remain compliant amidst fast-paced industry change – delivering access to crucial new features and functionality, automatically.

*Helix is automatically updated with new features and functionality, fortnightly.

Protect data with industry-leading security

Helix is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which undertakes
extensive accreditation reviews with the Australia Signals Directorate
and spends $1 billion on security globally each year.

Helix ensures your data is backed-up across two data centers in Sydney
and Melbourne, meeting stringent Australian privacy standards.


Switching is safe, simple and personal.

With a dedicated team that will work with you throughout the process, we ensure that switching to Helix is quick, easy and your patient data is fully secure and protected with encryption throughout migration. We’ll train each user to ensure that using Helix quickly becomes second nature.


Enable quality patient engagement

Set recalls and reminders

The recall system enables the practice to deliver quality care and patient engagement, particularly for patients with mental health and other chronic conditions.

Manage patient bookings with SMS appointment reminders

Reduce the rate of no-shows with automated two-way SMS appointment reminders. Patients can reply, accept or decline appointments and the status is updated automatically in the system. You can also see a patient’s arrival status to help staff proactively manage patients and practitioners.

Efficient letter writer

The letter writer includes preloaded templates and the option to create additional templates. Populate letters with digital signatures and send correspondence via secure messaging, reducing the need for paper-based communication. Create letters directly populated with patient clinical information, increasing face-to-face time with the patient and reducing the administrative burden on health professionals.


Everything you need on one screen

Patient history

View patients’ history in a timeline including previous visits, consult notes, My Health Record uploads, referrals, imaging and pathology results, additional recipients copied into a patient’s lab results.

Full patient record

Obtain a holistic view of a patient’s entire clinical history, by accessing their full record, current health summary, family history, medications plus new consult notes - all in one screen.

Consult panel

Enter treatment plans, reasons for visits, history and examination. Set and assign tasks to streamline communications between a doctor, administration team and practice manager. Set billing type, item numbers and record these straight to the patient queue to streamline billing. Use abbreviations and keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation.


Enhance health care with Helix Cloud Based Practice Management Software

See Helix in action

As our industry moves towards increasingly digitised processes, interoperability and connected systems, Cloud practice management software is the future of healthcare delivery in Australia. Enable ideal healthcare with Helix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Helix is integrated with ePrescribing so you can provide prescriptions to patients with the click of a button.

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