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A Helix Customer Story

Samy Medical Group's Journey with Helix

Samy Medical Group has used Helix since the family-owned practice first opened its doors five years ago. As the practice has grown to two metropolitan practices in Perth and one rural practice, Helix has grown alongside it offering new features and tools to match their needs across multiple sites.

See how Helix has empowered the practice to enable better health for their communities.

Practice manager

Discover the flexibility that Helix can give your doctors and clinical personnel

Practice Owner

See how cloud based software allows for scalability in your practice

Practice Director

Learn how Helix's simple workflow allows for easy training and efficient administration

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Three benefits of Helix

Ease of use

As a true cloud solution backed by more than 20 years of industry and technical experience, Helix offers a highly integrated and streamlined solution to free up more time for practitioners to deliver patient-centric care.

Cloud solution

Hosted on the industry-leading Microsoft Azure platform, that meets strict international standards in privacy and security, Helix also offers automatic software updates and seamless deployment, ensuring sensitive patient data remains protected at all times.


Whether a GP is at their practice, or treating a patient remotely, the secure platform is accessible anywhere and on any device, ensuring the patient experience is seamless from the moment they book an appointment, to the moment they recover.

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