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Demystifying the cloud

The pressure on the healthcare industry to be more efficient and agile means more practitioners and healthcare organisations are turning to technology to generate better patient outcomes

5 Ways to Enable Better Cloud Healthcare

Our recent roundtable and subsequent whitepaper Healthcare in the Cloud: Optimising an Industry, has opened up a fresh wave of discussion about the role of technology in the future of healthcare.

Improving rural health with technology

Harnessing the potential of technology to improve the delivery of healthcare in Australia is especially important for those living in rural and remote areas where access to healthcare and face-to-face patient-clinician consultations are harder to come by.

5 digital healthcare predictions for 2018

The age of digital healthcare is here, and artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud-based SaaS platforms are increasingly becoming part of the industry’s lexicon.

Shining a spotlight on men’s health

From birth, males suffer more illness and more accidents than their female counterparts.

3 Barriers to enabling better models of care

In 2017, we saw the healthcare industry under even further pressure and scrutiny, placing the debate around enabling better models of care back in the spotlight.
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