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How open standards for health will drive innovation

MedicalDirector's CEO, Matt Bardsley, opens up discussion around how General Practice can transform core clinical systems and embrace interoperability for a more personalised approach to patient-centric care.

Five ways to market your medical practice

Technology is rapidly changing the way healthcare professionals can attract, retain and engage with their patients. In this article, we take a look at some key ways you can successfully market your practice in today’s increasingly competitive health marketplace.

New health data portal – tips to getting started

The Department of Health is getting ready to trial the Health Data Portal during the June 2018 national Key Performance Indicator (nKPI) data collection. This article outlines tips to help you get started.

6 finance boosting tips for General Practice

In this article, patient engagement software AutoMed’s founder, Peter Demaio, explores six key ways to empower your practice to be more financially efficient, stable and maximise returns.

Four ways to provide better paediatric care

A recent report has revealed fighting chronic disease starts with better paediatric care, so how can specialists improve paediatric patient experience to optimise better health outcomes?

5 Myths about health cloud software debunked

In this article, we take a look at five common myths in the healthcare industry around healthcare in the cloud, and set the record state on its potential to revolutionise the healthcare industry.
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