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Helix, a cloud-based clinical software solution from MedicalDirector, allows Samy Medical Group’s doctors to deliver care to patients that need it wherever they are. Because the software is not reliant on a locally hosted server, Samy Medical Group has been able to integrate flexibility into its practice – and streamline time spent on administration – so its doctors can focus on delivering care.


Prof. Dr. Martin Samy and his daughter, Dr Christabel Samy, moved to Australia from the UK with a vision to deliver care to those that need it most, when and where they need it. Their practice, Samy Medical Group, aims to offer care to patients in nursing homes, aged care facilities and eventually homeless shelters. To achieve this, Samy Medical Group needed to start its operations in the cloud, to ensure all flexibility and security needs were met from the very first consult.


“Going with a company like MedicalDirector, who has been in the business of patient management software for a long time and has existing reliable solutions was important to me. With Helix being developed by them, and in the cloud, it gave me confidence. To me this is the way forward, with privacy as an important consideration.”

Going with a company like MedicalDirector who has been in the business of patient management software for a long time and has existing reliable solutions was important to me.

“We want to leverage technology, like Helix, to deliver care in new ways. For example, we aim to provide consultations remotely via smart devices. If a patient wakes up unwell, we want them to be able to receive the care they need via their smartphone without the inconvenience of hunting for an appointment and travelling to a practice. Helix only allows us to deliver care outside the practice now, and will allow us to deliver it remotely in the future.”

The Challenge

Samy Medical Group had specific software needs, but finding a solution that met all of them was a challenge.

  • Cloud uptake in Australia was low compared to the UK and many local software solutions relied on a locally hosted server.
  • Without cloud, GPs would be required to consult in the field, and complete the data entry for consultations back at the physical practice.
  • As a small practice, with a team of roving doctors, Samy Medical Group did not want this burden, nor could it afford the additional admin hours which would be better spent treating patients.
  • The software needed to allow doctors to start and finish a consult on the move, through remote access and ease of use.

The Solution

Helix by MedicalDirector, a cloud-based clinical software solution, met all the requirements to allow Samy Group to meet its goals.

Ease of use

Hosted in the cloud, Helix is a platform that offers an entirely new user experience for GPs, and is backed by more than 20 years of industry and technical experience. Whether a GP is at their practice, or treating a patient in a nursing home, the platform is always accessible and the experience is consistent and simple.


Since implementing Helix, Samy has found consulting in the field more simpler and streamlined. Operating on the cloud, software updates and fixes for Helix are automated, and the system’s deployment has been seamless, improving the experience for both doctor and patient.


The secure cloud platform allows Samy Group’s GPs to deliver care their own tailored way and operate the practice in the way they had envisioned from the outset. Most importantly, they are able to leverage cutting-edge technology to improve the delivery of care.


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