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Smart Telehealth - Telehealth Software Solutions

Connecting with your patients remotely has never been easier.

Telehealth is now available in MedicalDirector. Access secure Telehealth, alongside patient history, pathology, prescriptions and more. Available in MedicalDirector Helix and Clinical.

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The simple and secure way to provide care for your patients, remotely.

With Smart Telehealth, your consultations are seamlessly integrated into your clinical workflow. You will be able to view and interact with patient history, notes, pathology and prescription information, as usual – with a tele-consultation window sitting just to the side.

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Whether you use an on-premise server based software, or cloud hosted practice software, Telehealth capability is available from right within your workflow.

Available within Clinical
and Helix

Video or voice

Fully integrated with appointment book

Integrated with clinical

Patients choose their

Video and voice patient consults in three easy steps


Your patients make an appointment and they are sent a link to click at the designated time.


Once clicked, their session is activated and you can join the call from inside your workflow.


Your consultation commences with a video screen right alongside your patient notes screen.

More than just
great software

Supporting you has been our life's work for over 25 years. Find out how we support you beyond the product so that together we can enable ideal healthcare.

Why Use Medical Director’s Smart Telehealth Solution?

  • Patient choice Telehealth appointments offer flexibility and convenience, empowering patients with more choices for accessing timely, personalised care from the comfort of their homes.
  • Integrated with your electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system (PMS) Smart Telehealth is integrated with MedicalDirector Clinical and Helix, streamlining patient management for GPs, ensuring efficient, coordinated care and real-time access to patient data during virtual consultations.
  • MyMedicare new item codes for longer telehealth appointments Telehealth appointments for MyMedicare-enrolled patients allow GPs to utilise new MBS items, offering longer, more thorough consultations, and ensuring comprehensive patient care.
  • Continuity of care Telehealth appointments enhance continuity of care by allowing GPs to consistently monitor and manage patient health remotely, ensuring ongoing treatment and follow-up without disruption.
  • EPP for instant script post consult Telehealth appointments offer the convenience of instantly issuing electronic, paperless prescriptions, enhancing efficiency and patient satisfaction by streamlining the medication management process for GPs.
  • Integrated billing and payments for telehealth appointments Telehealth is integrated with billing and payment functionality, allowing seamless financial management and ensuring efficient, hassle-free compensation for virtual consultations.

Telehealth and COVID-19.

In an effort to support general practices during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Telehealth is provided to doctors for free until 31 July, 2020. Fees will be reviewed after this time. MedicalDirector will notify customers of any charges in advance. Charges related to SMS reminders continue to apply where this feature is used in conjunction with Telehealth.

An exclusive offer for our customers

Enable Telehealth with MedicalDirector and Microsoft

In an effort to support the crucial needs of general practice during COVID-19, we have partnered with Microsoft to offer practices 30% off the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for Business i5/8GB/256 model and 20% off accessories, including type covers and digital pens.

We have also worked with the Australian Government to secure free NBN upgrades to general practices during COVID-19.

Simplicity and security are assured

MedicalDirector Telehealth is reinforced by the same billion-dollar infrastructure and security protocols that support MedicalDirector software. It is completely secure for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Telehealth consultations can operate across different desktop computers and internet browsers (Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer versions 11+), as well as on tablet devices, iPhones and Android devices.


Telehealth is fully integrated with MedicalDirector's industry-leading EHR platforms.

Access secure Telehealth in MedicalDirector Helix, alongside patient history, pathology, prescriptions and more.
Launch the secure Helix Telehealth widget in MedicalDirector Clinical, to access remote consultations alongside the patient record.

Ready to support your patients with Telehealth?