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Helix Updates

Helix MBS & DVA Fee Update

12 July update: An updated July 2024 Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee file is available to download and includes new Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) fees.

The DVA fee notes for July 2024 are available here, including the item numbers and fees for health services provided to members of the veteran community. 

The file should be uploaded into Helix twice, under each section:

  1. Medicare Benefits Schedule
  2. DVA Schedule

This is required to ensure the revised pricing is applied for both visit types.

Download MBS Update

There is a 30 second video guide available here on how to update the Medicare Benefit Schedule in Helix.

It is important to set the “Effective date” to 12 July 2024 so that the item codes along with their current pricing loads during issuing or saving the invoice.

The effective date cannot be back dated.  Either the current date or a future date can be selected.


From 1 July 2024 there were several changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and DVA. Read the full details on the MBS website.Read the full details on the MBS website.

If your practice has disabled MedicalDirector Automatic Updates, please follow the instructions below.


For information on how to add these fees to your fee schedule is available in the Helix Knowledge Centre.