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Upgrade to the latest version of MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft

We are excited to provide your practice with the
latest version of MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft

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Select the version your practice is currently running to download the file you need to upgrade.

The installer can only be applied to versions 4.0 and above. It is all you require to upgrade to version 4.3.

Download 4.3  (3.5GB ISO)

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How to Upgrade

What's New in 4.3?

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System Requirements

Systems Requirements assist practices in identifying their computer hardware, Operating System and software requirements for this release.

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Upgrade Checklist

The following checklist contains some important things to take consider before you upgrade to the latest release of MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft.

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What's new in
MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft 4.3

  • Email attachments are now in PDF format
  • Send email directly from the patient's record
  • New funding model and options added for users to record whether or not a vaccine has been given as part of the National Immunisation Program. See the full update here
  • Add Progress Notes from anywhere in the patient workflow via a new floating panel
  • Search for a drug based on characters in search box existing anywhere in the drug name rather than just at the beginning
  • A new Manage Permissions module provides access to more granular permissions
  • Record a patient's gender identity and preferred pronouns
  • Four new, intelligent tools added to your Smartbar (Sidebar)

  • Transmit post-paid patient claims to Services Australia via the Patient Claim Interactive workflow after the billing has taken place.  
  • Send patient claims in bulk via a new workflow.   
  • MBS and DVA fees are now automatically updated for all Pracsoft users on version 4.3 and later. 
  • You can now record a patient’s gender identity and preferred pronouns 
  • The Appointment Reminder field has been renamed “Patient Alerts” and now displays more information.