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The installer can only be applied to versions 4.0 and above. It is all you require to upgrade to version 4.1.

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MedicalDirector Helix doesn’t require a server on site, new features are released every fortnight and all upgrades are automatic, representing considerable cost savings for practices.

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System Requirements

Systems Requirements assist practices in identifying their computer hardware, Operating System and software requirements for this release.

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Upgrade Checklist

The following checklist contains some important things to take consider before you upgrade to the latest release of MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft.

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What's new in
MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft 4.1

  • Scan barcodes on vaccine vials to auto-populate batch numbers and serial numbers in Clinical.
  • Record and view immunisations serial numbers in the patient's record.
  • When recording immunisations, the vaccinator’s location will now appear in brackets in the Vaccinator dropdown.
  • Updated the IMM.OUT file that transfers immunisation information from MedicalDirector Clinical to third-party billing packages to include the new required fields for the Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout.
  • Updated the Childhood Immunisation Schedule in line with the July 2020 changes.
  • Updated MedicalDirector Password security policies for improved security of patient data.
  • Users are now able to use their MyHealthRecord (NASH) Certificate for all three PKI certificate types.
  • When sending an SMS from within a patient file a Progress Note entry is automatically recorded to indicate an SMS was sent.
  • In line with new regulations the printing of the phrase “Free Text” has been replaced with “Custom Product” when printing prescriptions created from the Recipe section of Clinical.
  • Mobile numbers in the electronic prescribing preview window now show with spaces for ease of readability.
  • When prescribing drugs on the List of Excluded Medicinal Items (LEMI) list the “Include brand name on script” option is ticked and greyed out by default.
  • When prescribing a product from the Recipe section of Clinical the “Brand Substitution Not Allowed” option will now be unavailable.
  • The PBS Code will now print on all PBS/RPBS Authority scripts; this will facilitate pharmacy lodgement of their PBS Online claim and reduce queries from the pharmacy to the prescriber.
  • The manage patient locks utility is now available to more users on workstations from within Clinical.
  • To assist with setup requirements red asterisks have been added to several areas of the software to clearly denote which fields are mandatory.
  • The location setup window now utilises a suburb search tool for ease of setup.
  • In recall searches, the colour of inactive patients has been changed to a different shade of brown to assist with visibility.

  • Two new appointment types have been added to the default appointment type list to support the Covid-19
  • Vaccine rollout; “Covid-19 Vaccine 1” (Ctrl+1) and “Covid-19 Vaccine 2” (Ctrl+2).
  • When viewing Immunisation claims, the Serial Number now displays as an additional column.
  • Incentive items will no longer automatically apply to Covid Vaccine billing item numbers.
  • Users are again able to create Next of Kin patients from the appointment book.