Free Report Patient attitudes — Generic vs. Branded Medications

The new Active Ingredient Prescribing legislative requirements mandate that most PBS and RPBS prescriptions will now list only the active ingredient(s) of each medication unless the prescriber specifies that the brand name should be included as well.

While the changes are well-intentioned, it isn’t yet clear how consumers will be impacted. Will loyalty to certain brands create demand for prescribers to specify the brand name on the prescription? Will patients feel confused or anxious about changing to something else? Or are generic medications widely accepted as being of the same quality and effectiveness?

To learn more about consumer attitudes to medications, we surveyed 1,400 people to find out what they know about generic vs. branded medications, which one they prefer and why.

Read our report to learn about:

  • Consumer preferences in relation to generic vs. branded medications, and the reasons for these preferences
  • Who consumers rely on the most for information about medications
  • What concerns consumers have, if any, about the new Active Ingredient Prescribing requirements.

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