Free Template Sample Care Plan

Chronic care management is a crucial part of general practice, but care plans can be time consuming to set up and manage. 

This sample care plan has been generated using MedicalDirector Care – a fully integrated care planning tool within MedicalDirector software that combines patient information with essential clinical details in a comprehensive format. MedicalDirector Care was created to make it easier for GPs to create care plans, increase patient compliance and promote better patient care. 

Download our sample care plan to see:

  • What information is needed for a comprehensive care plan
  • How information can be laid out and displayed to help patient understanding and compliance
  • What a MedicalDirector generated care plan looks like
  • How you can start creating care plans for your patients using the MedicalDirector Care tool. 

Are you ready to change the way you create care plans – for the better? Download our sample care plan today.

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