On-demand Webinar Streamlining Your Practitioner Payments

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For 20 years, Tyro has provided health businesses with innovative integrated EFTPOS solutions that help streamline the payments process for patients and practices. With tailored payment features such as integrated Medicare Easyclaim and built-in multi-merchant functionality, you’ll spend less time on admin, and more time with on your patients

MedicalDirector and Tyro are partnering to present to you the following webinar on streamlining your practitioner payments.

During the webinar, you will learn how to make the payment process more efficient for both you and your patients.

The session covers topics such as:

  • Managing payments with ease
  • Automating payments and reconciliation
  • Reducing errors and manual processes
  • Using Tyro’s multi-merchant functionality to have all your practitioners on a shared EFTPOS machine

A demo of the Tyro portal will also be presented.


  • Alex Tenser – Senior Partnerships Manager at Tyro

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