See MedicalDirector Helix in action

As our industry moves towards increasingly digitised processes, interoperability and connected systems, practices are looking at software solutions that will adapt with these changes.

Cloud clinical software such as MedicalDirector Helix, combines practice management and clinical workflows into one seamless, modern online interface. Practices utilising cloud software can manage all patient interactions securely on the go, or in their practice, and benefit from server-free infrastructure and automatic software updates.

See MedicalDirector Helix for yourself through this series of short 1 minute videos that focus on one feature at a time, allowing you to see the innovative cloud clinical software in action.

  • See how to create an appointment (1:15 min)
  • Learn how to ePrescribe by email and SMSĀ  (2:10 min)
  • Discover how to record a vaccination (0:58 min)
  • Watch how to generate patient reports (1:04 min)
  • View the pathology request workflow (0:41 min)
  • and more!

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