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Clinical Updates

MDExchange migration (eRx, HealthLink)

1 May, 2024

The MDExchange server will be migrating soon, which provides access to the following services:

  • eRx (ePrescribing)
  • HealthLink (eReferral and pathology requests/results)

If you practice uses ePrescribing or HealthLink eReferrals within MedicalDirector Clinical, it is important that you contact your IT provider to check how your practice accesses these services.

For practices with firewall restrictions or IP address whitelists, two new IP addresses need to be allowed to ensure uninterrupted access.

When will this change happen?

The MDExchange server will be migrating in June 2024.  This page will be updated when the migration date is set.

What does our practice need to do?

Contact your IT provider and seek advice on how your practice accesses the MDExchange server.

What does our IT provider need to do?

If the practice accesses the MDExchange server via IP addresses, the following IP addresses should be whitelisted:

Please note that redirected to the new IPs from 15 May 2024. If the domain name is already whitelisted then access will continue unaffected.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do we need to change the current Ports with the new IP Addresses?
    No, please refer to our help guide on Firewall Rules for MedicalDirector Software to find these details.
  2. Do we need to add the IP Address under TCP or UDP Protocols?
    As we recommend, please reach out to your IT provider for assistance, as this does depend on your environment.
  3. What if I don’t have an IT provider?
    Unless you have intentionally setup firewall rules, there is no action required and access to MDExchange will continue unaffected. Please refer to our IT Partners page if you want to find an IT provider in your area.