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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 15 October, 2020


ePrescribing (for customers with ePrescribing enabled)

  • We have made the following changes to comply with the legislation requirements of ePrescribing:
    • You can add “prescriber type” in user settings, which will appear in preview while ePrescribing controlled substances in the A.C.T. and South Australia.
    • You can now add an authorisation reference number while prescribing certain drugs electronically. Please note that for printed prescriptions, handwriting of the authority number will still apply.
    • For Azure Active Directory users, you will be prompted to re-authenticate while ePrescribing controlled substances
  • You can now exclude certain medications from a patient’s active script list to ensure patient satisfaction and provide optimal care.

Bug Fixes

  • A change has been made for SMS appointment reminders and patient replies. An appointment can only be cancelled if a patient responds ‘No’ to the appointment booking confirmation. A ‘Yes’ response will confirm the booking and all other responses will be marked as having received an unclear SMS response.
  • We have updated the prescription search report to display the relevant prescriptions.
  • A patient’s full name will always be printed on a prescription, even with long names. Previously the full name was not being printed if their name was unusually long.
  • In the patient queue, the default work area and HCP filter now both update correctly when a user changes between different centres.