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Cloud-based practice management and clinical software

What would you do with more time?


Embrace the future of healthcare delivery in Australia with MedicalDirector Helix

MedicalDirector Helix combines practice management and clinical workflows into one seamless, modern online interface. Manage all patient interactions securely on the go, or in your practice. Benefit from server-free* infrastructure, automatic upgrades and simple licensing.

*MedicalDirector Helix does not require a server onsite, saving practices significantly in ongoing IT costs, each year.

Reduce practice costs with server-free infrastructure

MedicalDirector Helix helps to reduce practice costs through straightforward licensing and simplified IT infrastructure – removing reliance on a physical server, reducing IT support and eliminating downtime.  

These cost savings enable practices to reallocate resources to growth, patient engagement and care.


Optimal clinical experience

MedicalDirector Helix increases efficiency through simplified, connected clinical and practice management workflows – resulting in faster load times, fewer clicks, and streamlined design.

During a time and motion study, Helix was shown to save 20% of time in an end-to-end patient journey from booking, check-in, and consult to processing their billing.


The new generation of cloud based EHR

A complete practice management solution gives you access to plenty of great tools for end-to-end medical practice management, including

  • Online appointment scheduling and management
  • Seamless telehealth integration
  • Automated medical billing 
  • Easy access to patient records
  • Revenue cycle management.

Our fully integrated medical practice management software enables practice staff to spend less time on routine admin tasks, and more time with patients.


What our customers say about our practice management software

Natalie Young, Practice Manager | Scotts Head Medical Centre

MedicalDirector Helix has really reimagined medical practice. I can be 100% more efficient in the time that I'm spending at my practice. I'm spending less time on my computer and more time with my patients.

Learn how much you could save on infrastructure costs here


Support patients remotely with online access anywhere, anytime

MedicalDirector Helix enables practice mobility – through online practice management software that is accessible anywhere and from any device. As long as there’s an internet connection, your practice management system is available to staff and patients.

This fully online clinic management tool supports healthcare providers to manage all aspects of patient interactions on the go, in your practice, or wherever you are treating patients.

Eliminate downtime with automatic updates

MedicalDirector Helix eliminates manual software upgrades – enabling immediate access to new features and functionality with automatic updates. 

These automatic updates eliminate downtime and related IT support, allowing time to be refocused on what matters most – delivering quality care to patients.

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Manage compliance with immediate access to industry-wide changes*

MedicalDirector Helix assists practices to remain compliant amidst fast-paced industry change – delivering access to crucial new features and functionality, automatically.

Using cloud-based practice management software eliminates the need for manual software upgrades. This enables practices to spend more time becoming familiar with regulatory changes and revised workflows.

*MedicalDirector Helix is automatically updated with new features and functionality, fortnightly. Practices have immediate access to industry-wide updates once released by MedicalDirector.

Take security seriously

MedicalDirector Helix software is supported by billion-dollar security infrastructure – ensuring data is backed-up across two Australian data centres and meets stringent Australian privacy standards.

These rigorous industry-leading security frameworks support medical practices in protecting precious patient data. 


Switching is safe, simple and personal.

With a dedicated team that will work with you throughout the process, we ensure that switching to Helix is quick, easy and your data is fully secure and protected with encryption throughout migration. We’ll train each user to ensure that using Helix quickly becomes second nature.

See MedicalDirector Helix in action

As our industry moves towards increasingly digitised processes, interoperability and connected systems, Cloud practice management software is the future of healthcare delivery in Australia. Enable ideal healthcare with MedicalDirector Helix.

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