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Process payments faster with an integrated EFTPOS payment and accounting system


Trusted by over 20,000 businesses, organisations and medical practices in Australia

  • Slow payment systems frustrating patients and staff?
  • Struggling with double entries and reconciliation?
  • Re-keying accounting errors costing you time and money?

Save time

Improve efficiency with faster Easyclaim processing, stress-free reconciliation and eliminate batching or printing of DB vouchers.

Scalable solution

Handles multiple doctors and accounts, helping you seamlessly manage a growing practice.

Boost patient engagement

Make payment and Easyclaim rebate processing easier for you and your patients.

Key Features

  • Integrated EFTPOS
  • Instant Medicare Easyclaim processing (paid in 11 seconds)
  • Handles multiple doctors and accounts
  • Electronic reconciliation
  • Eliminate batching and printing DB vouchers
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Product Compatibility

  • Helix
  • Pracsoft
  • Bluechip


"We really like how MedicalDirector’s software and Tyro integrate seamlessly. They work well together and are both very stable, fast and easy to use.

Features like online reporting, the ease of setup and ongoing support also make our clinics more efficient as we continue to grow. We’ve even had patients comment on how streamlined our payment and patient experience is for them."

Jennifer Surie, Operations Manager, Family Doctor

70% of Australians want healthcare providers to better use digital tools, mobile technology and the internet to improve their patient experience.*
*Source: MedicalDirector Patient Engagement Survey 2018

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