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MedicalDirector integrates with Cubiko practice reporting and optimisation solution 

22 November, 2022

Cubiko, a practice intelligence platform, has integrated with MedicalDirector’s practice management software. The integration and partnership works to empower healthcare providers to gain deeper insights into their practice data to improve the patient experience, and practice efficiency and financial sustainability.  

MedicalDirector General Manager of Ecosystem, Louise Ryves, said this latest integration aims to further enable GPs to make informed decisions about their medical practice while also giving comfort that data is being shared with a trusted partner of MedicalDirector at a time of heightened sensitivity around data security. 

Cubiko underwent a stringent 200-point security check as part of the partner onboarding process and we’re happy to have seen them go through that and come out the other end. We’re really excited to formally acknowledge and launch this wonderful new partnership.   

“With general practices experiencing significant challenges including workforce shortages and funding complexities, they can rely on medical software to enable efficient and effective care. Simple, timely, and accurate data and insights can help make running a practice smoother,” Louise said. 

Cubiko CEO, Chris Smeed, said with a wealth of knowledge and insight at your fingertips, it’s easy to measure and track how your practice is performing against your goals and targets in order to run a successful and thriving general practice.

“Cubiko brings together over 1,000 data points in easy-to-understand dashboards that provide actionable insights to all members of a practice team. Cubiko helps each team member focus on the metrics that matter to them by tracking their progress towards meeting their individual and practice goals,” Chris said.   

MedicalDirector Chief Medical Officer Dr Charlotte Middleton said actionable insights are the cornerstone of enabling better patient care. 

“For busy practice managers, clinicians and practice owners there’s no need for spreadsheets or data uploads, which can put further strain on already stretched resources. If used effectively, your data could help you save time, increase your billings and, most importantly, improve the overall patient experience,” Charlotte said. 

Key features of Cubiko centre around reporting and optimisation:  


  • Billings per hour 
  • Utilisation of doctor and nurse time 
  • CDM % of billings 
  • Average billings per patient 
  • DNA rate 
  • New patient growth


    • MBS item opportunities 
    • Appointment optimisation 
    • Unbilled appointments 
    • Compliance across 80/20 rule
    • And 1000+ other metrics 

      Cubiko will be available with MedicalDirector’s Pracsoft solution from early 2023. 

      Initial practices are currently being onboarded. To join the waitlist, visit     

      Practices seeking a simplified subset of practice analytics can now request access to MedicalDirector’s new Smart Visual Dashboards, available in Pracsoft under the ‘Reporting’ tab. To learn more visit: 


      About Cubiko  

      Cubiko is a Practice Intelligence Platform built for General Practice, by General Practice. Cubiko integrates with leading medical software partners to make accessing your practice Data simple. The platform  brings together over 1,000 data points displayed in easy-to-understand dashboards for business insight, increased billings, optimising patient care and less stress in managing the practice.   

      Cubiko uses advanced data analytics to make sense of the data beast by transforming your data into trend lines, graphs, and  actionable insights. Helping you better understand where you should invest your energy to achieve positive results.   


      About MedicalDirector  

      At MedicalDirector, we believe technology can enable better patient care. Whether you’re a GP, specialist, nurse or other healthcare professional, our intuitive software solutions are designed to support you in delivering healthcare to your patients, safely and efficiently.