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Smart Visual Dashboards

Currently available to practice owners and managers, Smart Visual Dashboards makes it easy for you to visualise your practice data, to streamline your processes, optimise efficiencies and improve patient care.


Smart Visual Dashboards

Turn data into actionable insights

Smart Visual Dashboards gives you access to your practice data in easy to understand visuals – helping you reduce practice wait times, improve the patient experience and better support your practitioners. Our revenue reporting tool allows you to accurately forecast revenue, reduce administrative overheads and transform your healthcare practice.

Accessing Smart


  1. Open Pracsoft
  2. Head over to the 'Reports' tab
  3. Click on 'Smart Visual Dashboards'
  4. Follow the prompts and select the option most appropriate to your practice

Powerful practice reporting, made easy

Understanding practice insights is crucial but that doesn’t mean it needs to be time consuming and complicated. Smart Visual Dashboards simplifies practice reporting, so you can access the information you need to manage your practice optimally, and support patients throughout the entire healthcare journey.


Manage your practice better

View open appointments, non-attendance, patient wait times, and more to help you proactively manage your practice and maximise patient consultations.

Improve patient care

View GP consult metrics including appointments per day and most commonly claimed MBS items. Use the immunisation eligibility tool to identify patients booked in to see their doctor in the future who may also be eligible for a vaccination.


Increase practice revenue

Track consult volumes, bulk vs private billings and other trends over time to improve operations and increase practice revenue.

Free or Subscription-Based Options Available

During the sign-up process, users will have the following options... 

  • Sign up for free if you are a Practice Manager or Owner
  • Upgrade at no additional cost for further roles and permissions and to access new metrics as they become enabled by participating in the Research Program
  • Find out more on purchasing the upgrade without participating in the Research Program 

For the practices that decide to participate in the Research Program, clinicians will be notified within MedicalDirector Clinical and will be able to opt-out individually according to their own preference at any time.

No data will be utilised until the clinician has been made aware of the practice being opted-in to the Research Program and has the ability to control their participation.

Information collected and generated by the thousands of users of MedicalDirector Clinical has the potential to provide valuable information about the health and health care of Australians and can be used to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of care.

The benefit of having a research program is that it provides the ability to draw insight from large data sets, which can provide...

  • An understanding of populations based on many current data points
  • Better representation that comes from large samples
  • The ability to discover important correlations and information to support causal studies, without needing to start with a particular hypothesis.

If you have any clinicians who are undertaking a research study or project requiring de-identified, aggregated primary care insights, they can be directed to email the team: to see if our Research Program can help.

MedicalDirector Smart is available in

  • Intuitive server-based EHR
  • Features to improve patient safety
  • Leverage built-in or custom templates
  • Prescribe with confidence
  • Server-based practice management software
  • Pair with MedicalDirector Clinical to streamline workflow
  • Easily schedule, track and manage patient bookings
  • Flexible billing system adaptable to individual practitioner needs.

Have a question?

If you have any questions or enquiries about our Smart Visual Dashboards, please reach out to