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Clinical Updates

Enabling ePrescribing in Clinical

Step 1: Initial Setup

The Practice

Each practice must have an HPI-O (Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation) number, which must be entered in the associated field on the Practice tab in Clinical under the Tools menu.

The practice also requires that eRx Script Exchange is setup on the practice network.


Each registered practitioner must have an HPI-I (Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual) number, which must be entered in the associated field within the Practitioner’s details.

Step 2: Software upgrade

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Government recommendations for ePrescribers

Communication with your local pharmacies is critical – this will ensure everyone is ready to write and dispense an electronic prescription (noting some pharmacies may require more time and resources to get their dispensing workflow ready). Patients may experience a delay in accessing their medicines including having to return to general practice for a paper prescription if this step is not undertaken.

It is recommended that you confirm that pharmacies in your local area are ePrescribing-enabled, and communicate this to patients when using this form of prescription.

Free on-demand webinar

For a full demonstration of the electronic prescribing process in MedicalDirector Clinical, a webinar recording is now available to watch on-demand.

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