Clinical User Guide
ePrescribing Configuration

ePrescribing functionality is installed automatically with Clinical, and is activated by default, provided MD Exchange is enabled. Note also that in order to send and receive ePrescribing data electronically, it is a requirement that you have MD Exchange enabled.

Practitioner Configuration for ePrescribing

You can always disable/re-enable ePrescribing functionality by editing your User settings, as shown below.

o      ePrescribing is enabled by default, and requires that you have registered for MDExchange to function.

o      To complete your registration, you may need to log out of, and back into, MedicalDirector Clinical.

Example of a Printed Script


o      eRx Script Exchange:

o      NEHTA PIP Implementation Overviews > Electronic Transfer of prescriptions:

o      Electronic prescribing and dispensing of medicines: