Specialist Practice Management Software

Tailored solutions for specialist practitioners

A busy, specialist practice needs a reliable clinical and practice management solution that’s scalable and simple to use. But choosing specialist software doesn’t have to be complicated. MedicalDirector’s Bluechip is an easy to use, intuitive practice management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s specialists.

Empowering specialists with the right solution

Make complex invoicing a breeze

Simplify complicated invoicing arrangements with easy-to-process prepayments, discounts, multiple accounts, separate items, patient estimates, invoices and final settlements. Manage reporting requirements with automated reporting tools and easily submit to Medicare.

Seamless bookings, referrals and reporting

Reduce no-shows with automated SMS reminders and alerts, choose from multiple appointment book templates to boost bookings, and automatically generate custom reports.

Manage your busy day surgery schedule simply

Bluechip Day Surgery gives you one click transfers, drag-and-drop colour-coded appointments types and side-by-side viewing of practitioners. Quickly view appointment days, weeks or months in advance to prevent double bookings.

Switching is safe, simple
and personal

Moving to Bluechip is a breeze. Your data is protected with encryption throughout migration and you have access to our dedicated implementation team every step of the way.

World-class specialist software

MedicalDirector Bluechip is designed specifically for specialist practices, larger general practices and private day surgery hospitals.

Fully personalised configuration

Tailor Bluechip to suit your practice’s unique needs, including financial setup, billing, fees, health fund, DVA, MBS, user’s roles and permissions, appointments, templates and invoice letterheads.

Here's what our customers have to say

Oral & maxillofacial

Northern Peninsual Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

"Bluechip is an easy to use program for our specialists when managing their theatre bookings and consulting room, and the simplicity of it makes managing workflow seamless for our busy team."

Dr Stuart Kirkham

“I would recommend Bluechip to specialists because it can handle all of your practice needs, including invoicing, correspondence and appointments. And with everything colour-coded, I can see at a glance how many appointments I have in a week,” he added. “I can also quickly see how many surgeries, post-op patients, how many follow-up patients are seeing me versus new patients – all of that is easily categorised.”


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