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Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

Access Patient Records Seamlessly and Securely

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It's time to enable better healthcare

You understand that electronic health records (EHR) need to be secure, easy to use and integrate smoothly within your clinical workflows. That’s why we’ve developed an Electronic Health Record software that simplifies how you work, saves time and protects your patient data.

On-premise and Cloud-based Solutions

MedicalDirector offers both on-premise and cloud-based EHR software solutions, catering to the diverse needs of GPs. Whether you prefer server-based Clinical software housed in your practice, or the flexibility of cloud-hosted Helix, MedicalDirector ensures seamless, secure access to patient medical records, optimising your practice's efficiency and adaptability.

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Conformant with Services Australia

MedicalDirector's EHR software solutions are fully conformant with Services Australia, ensuring GPs comply with national standards. This guarantees secure, streamlined access to government services and patient health records, enhancing the quality and efficiency of patient care while maintaining data integrity and security.

Bringing you the best of Telstra Health Smart from right within your software

Smart Connected Care is unlocking new streamlined workflows across its on-premise and cloud-based products. Powered by Telstra Health’s technology platforms and connecting with best-in-market partnerships. All with unparalleled clinical governance, patient safety and data security built in.

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Giving you a better experience

We recognise that Clinicians spending half their time using EHRs is a healthcare risk that needs to be fixed. EHR user experience, which is widely viewed as being years behind other industries, is front and centre of our thinking. We’re working with customers daily to improve this, and to move beyond the product.

Supported by over 200 staff and 25 years experience

Behind every good software experience is a team of people who care and support your journey. Our Australian-based support team are available 362 days of the year via phone, email or online chat, to help guide you every step of the way.

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Latest medicines information, guaranteed

The delivery and accuracy of up-to-date medicines information means as much to us as it does to you. That’s why we built our own independent medicines information database which enables over 66 million prescriptions and more than 80 million consults annually all delivered via our health software solutions.

Find out about AusDI

Access a broader partner ecosystem

MedicalDirector software can be tailored to your unique needs, helping you support your patients at every step of the journey. We partner with over 20 leading industry partners to provide your practice with access to the best-in-class healthcare applications and solutions.


Providing a clearer picture of your patients

Access an accurate, up-to-date, complete picture of your patient’s health at the point of care to achieve better coordinated health outcomes.

Streamlined coding
and billing

An efficient electronic billing system helps reduce duplication, saves time and enables more accurate practice management.

Greater privacy and security of patient data

Protect sensitive patient data with the strictest, best in-market data security protection available on MedicalDirector’s innovative software platforms.

More than just great software

Supporting you has been our life's work for over 25 years. Find out how we support you beyond the product so that together we can enable ideal healthcare.

What our Customers say

Samy Medical Group

“We're not just GPs in the practice, we also do a lot of work at the local nursing homes, and by using Helix we're able to take our iPads with us and deliver care on location.”

Which EHR is best suited to meet your needs?

  • A new generation of cloud-based EHR
  • Patient-centred workflows to improve delivery of common clinical tasks
  • Software that meets doctors’ needs
  • Optimised user experience designed around how GPs think
  • Intuitive server-based EHR
  • Features to improve patient safety
  • Leverage built-in or custom templates
  • Prescribe with confidence
  • A trusted and secure solution

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a range of factors to consider when deciding between an on-premise software or cloud-based software. We recommend reading this article: Understanding digital healthcare software options

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