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MedicalDirector launches inaugural customer showcase – Ignite 2023

25 October, 2023

MedicalDirector Ignite 2023, held on October 25th at the Telstra Customer Insight Centre in Sydney, marked a significant milestone for Telstra Health and its partners. This inaugural general practice customer event brought together GPs, practice managers, practice owners, technology experts, Primary Health Networks (PHNs), and software integration partners.

Natira Drayton, Acting Executive of Primary, Aged, and Community Care, said that Ignite 2023 was Telstra Health’s opportunity to showcase its commitment to solving the challenges of connected care and improving health outcomes for all Australians.

Attendees heard valuable insights into Telstra Health’s journey and the pivotal role this is playing in supporting the digital transformation of healthcare across Australia. The event shed light on the ongoing efforts to seamlessly transfer patient care from primary care to aged care and beyond, fostering a cohesive healthcare ecosystem.

Innovations and Announcements
One of the highlights of Ignite 2023 was the unveiling of MedicalDirector Clinical and Pracsoft software version 4.3. This update is set to enhance efficiency, data accuracy, and inclusivity within general practices. It reflects Telstra Health’s dedication to continuously improving its solutions to meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals.

Another significant announcement was the launch of Telstra Health Smart – a suite of connected care workflows and partner integrations that is delivering better health outcomes and more efficient operations for practices.

The event featured several key partners who shared how their collaborations with Telstra Health are transforming healthcare delivery. Highlights included:

  • Steve Snow from Praxhub: Showcasing the Smart Research application, which provides on-demand and CPD accredited education for GPs directly within MD Clinical software.
  • Associate Professor Adam Nelson from the Victorian Heart Institute at Monash University: Discussing the Smart Seek program and the ASCERTAIN trial, a pioneering embedded clinical trial, offering new models of care for lipid management and accessible to all MD clinicians.
  • Professor Raina MacIntyre from the Kirby Institute at UNSW: Who has utilised MedicalDirector’s consented, deidentified and aggregated data to enable research on pertussis; and is utilistising Smart Research to provide MD clinicians with access to EPIWATCH, an early detection system for contagious disease outbreaks.
  • Rehan Ahmad from HICAPS: On the upcoming integration with MedicalDirector, which is set to provide practices with a wider choice of payment providers, enhancing flexibility and convenience for both practitioners and patients.

Empowering cloud-based Helix customers at Ignite
The event featured a dedicated agenda for cloud-based Helix customers. It included updates on product enhancements and the upcoming integration with POLAR by Outcome Health. This integration, built on Telstra Health’s FHIR APIs, promises to open new avenues for improved patient care. Co-creation workshops were also conducted, providing a platform to collectively shape the future of Helix.