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A comprehensive cyber security solution for medical practices

Protect your practice from cyber security attacks with a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.



24/7 cyber security monitoring

Health and human services organisations are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Get extra protection for your practice around-the-clock with 24/7 monitoring by an experienced Cyber Security Operations Centre.

A physical intrusion detection device

Protect your devices and patient data by blocking potential intrusions with a physical plug-in for your hardware.


An initial security assessment

Understand where and how your practice may be vulnerable to cyber attacks with an introductory healthcare cybersecurity assessment and recommendations. Our cybersecurity professionals will evaluate your critical infrastructure and see where you can safeguard your healthcare organisation against common cyber threats.

Monthly incident reporting

Access advanced insights on cyber security incidents and network weaknesses in your practice to further safeguard your valuable data.


Online cyber security training for healthcare providers

When you work in the healthcare sector you have a responsibility for patient care and this means protecting their sensitive information. Give your team the training and tools to identify and understand the vulnerabilities in your practice and reduce the likelihood of unintentional patient data breaches.

Many healthcare organisations can benefit from a few simple strategies to protect patient privacy and safeguard their personal information.


Guides to help medical practices respond to incidents

Know what to do in the event of a cyber security incident with easy-to-follow guides and documentation that use real world examples from the healthcare industry.

Whether it’s stolen credentials, phishing emails, unauthorized access to health records or ransomware incidents, the right security policies can reduce the damage and help prevent cyberattacks in the future.


Experience Shield for yourself.

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