Population Health

MedicalDirector's Health Education and Research Tool (MD Heart) is a population health and analytics tool. It will allow MedicalDirector to drive innovation in product development, delivering near real-time insights into population health and research into clinical pathways and health demands.


MedicalDirector’s Data & Insights team, in conjunction with academics and researchers will analyse the de-identified data gathered via the tool. This data will be used to conduct research and data analysis, and to contribute to medical information resources, education, and health communication services. MedicalDirector has chosen to utilise the clinicians network rather than traditional qualitative or self-assessment to ensure scientific reliability and validity.

From the clinicians that are using our software and participating in our network, the following types of data will be extracted:

  • Prescription Information
  • Pathology and Diagnostic requests
  • Immunisation records
  • Consult & prescription reasons
  • Diagnostic information (excludes clinical notes and medical images)
  • Basic demographic information (excludes all identifiable information)
  • Diagnosis and test outcomes

In order to uphold patient data security and safety, MedicalDirector has a unique offering in that no personally identifiable information is ever collected from the source. The data is stored in a standardised format from all the participating clinicians and as a result there is no way to re-identify any specific individual.



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