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Features in Helix Software

Care for patients remotely with integrated telehealth consultations.

Helix allows you to manage all aspects of patient interactions on the go, in your practice, or wherever you are treating patients. Access records, bookings, consultations, payments and more from anywhere, at any time on laptop, desktop, and tablet.

Holistic View of Patient

Everything you need on one screen

Past Patient History

View patients’ past history in a timeline including past test results, previous visits, consult notes, My Health Record, referrals, imaging results and pathology results. Access and review quickly with simple navigation.

Full Patient Record

Obtain a holistic view of a patient’s entire clinical history, by accessing their full patient records, current health summary, plus new consult notes - all from one screen. View on one screen patient history, current patient condition/status/family history/medications – plus new consult and treatment plans.

Future Consult Panel

Enter treatment plan, reason for visit, history and examination. Set and assign tasks to streamline communications between a doctor and practice manager. Set billing type, item numbers and record these straight to the patient queue to streamline billing.

Supports SNOMED coding

Supports international and standardised SNOMED codes for reason for visit, conditions and drug safety alerts which enables interoperability with other health system, compliance with national standards and support data analytics.

Patient Centric Design

Increase the efficiency and flexibility of your medical practice

Set internal tasks

Streamlined internal communication in the practice through assigning Tasks directly from the patient consult window. Not only does this save time it also ensures and appropriate audit trail to minimise the risk of errors.

Easily manage patient database

Duplicate patient records can be linked therefore maintaining data cleanliness. Helix will also alert you to possible duplicate patient records when you attempt to create a new patient record, as shown in the example below.

Realtime automated OPV, OVV checks

OPV and OVV Checks are automatically performed every time in real-time when you open a patient record, reducing risk of claiming errors and delayed payments and ensuring quick billing turnaround.

Recording and accessing patient details

Record all patient data – including mandatory/non-mandatory information. Patient details can be accessed across multiple centres from one location. Patient records are fixed to the top of the screen giving instant access to full patient information from anywhere in the system.

Track patient journey within the practice

Access a total view of a patient’s journey through your practice from arrival to billing. View the billing status of patients’ visits and track patient status directly from the queue, including in-treatment and wait times. Supports walk in and appointment clinics so that patient can be seen by the first available HCP, improving efficiency of processing the patient.

Advanced Appointment Book

View and manage the daily schedule using drag and drop features. Colour-coded appointments give easy visibility of the type of appointment booked. Ability to view single Health Care Professional (HCP) or multiple HCPs as daily, weekly or monthly schedules.

My Health Record integration

Add patient documents and upload prescriptions to a patient's My Health Record, which can be shared to other clinicians in a secure environment.

Personalised configuration

Helix can be tailored to suit your practice and its unique needs, including financial setup, billing, personalised fees as well as, user setup, appointment book, and templates software is shipped ready and used in accordance with practice.

Realtime system alerts

Helix allows you to integrate seamlessly with external printers or scanner. Helix also reminds you when new MBS Fees are available for download allowing you to maintain your practice with ease.

Access the Latest drug information

Through AusDI's independent drug database

Advanced drug alerts
and warnings

Visual drug safety warnings such as Drug- Pregnancy, Drug - allergy, Drug - Breast Feeding, Drug - Disease, Drug - Drug, Drug- Gluten, Drug- Sport, duplicate prescribing and duplicate class prescribing to help GP’s prescribe safely and ensure patient care.

Latest drug information, guaranteed

Our in-house editorial team of registered pharmacists manages and maintain a large database of referential content including company product information (PI), consumer medicines information (CMI) and independent drug monographs. Additionally, access Independent Drug Monographs while prescribing via AusDI, which is updated monthly with the most up-to-date drug information, guaranteed.

Medication precautions, allergies and warnings

Record and view patient precautions from any screen within Helix allowing you to keep track of important information such as allergies or pregnancy. This information will help Helix warn you if patients are likely to experience reactions to medications.

Patient health quickview (SNAP)

View a patient’s entire conditions list, current/past medications, social and family history, immunisations and SNAP (smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity) at a glance.

Intuitively designed

Helix understands doctors needs.

Order Pathology & Imaging Diagnostic tests

Enables accurate and effective ordering of tests by using a standardised searchable list from the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA).

In-built Care Planning tool

Creation of customised, comprehensive and collaborative care plans assists in managing patient’s chronic conditions and improve health outcomes holistically.

Patient alerts

Add and manage patient alerts discreetly prompting staff about problem patients, drug seekers, bad debt or simply remind them to check address information or pickup Xrays.

Advanced Appointment Book

View and manage the daily schedule using drag and drop features. Colour-coded appointments give easy visibility of the type of appointment booked. Ability to view single Health Care Professional (HCP) or multiple HCPs as daily, weekly or monthly schedules.

Electronic prescription exchange

Integrated with a secure nationwide prescription exchange service to ensure safe transmission of prescription and dispensing data between authorised doctors and pharmacists. Assists the practice with ePIP compliance by sending electronic prescriptions.

Patient Education & Assessments

Enhance patient understanding and drive better, more personalised clinical outcomes by providing patients with condition and product fact sheets from leading healthcare organisations. Also access a range of industry standard assessment tools like DASS 21 and K10. 

Secure electronic results

Comprehensive view and management of secure electronic results from different pathology providers helps the healthcare practitioners to focus on clinically significant patients and minimise clinical risk by efficient communication.

Billing made easy

Helix supports Medicare (bulk bill/patient claims), DVA and general accounts management (eg. WorkCover) through an all-in-one simplistic user interface. Helix makes batching, transmission and receipting a breeze through an advanced UI interface and automatic receipting of approved Medicare/DVA claims.   

Keyboard shortcuts

Complete consult notes and record patient information using intuitive shorthand codes to pre-fill otherwise time-intensive workflows and personalise consult notes shortcuts per user to boost efficiency.

Keep patients Informed

Full service patient communication features

Set tailored recalls
and reminders

Recall system enables the practice to deliver comprehensive continuity of care and manage the status and urgency of your patients encouraging patient engagement.

SMS reminders for appointments

Manage patient bookings and reduce the rate of no-shows with automated two-way SMS reminders for appointments. Helix allows patients to reply, accept or decline appointments updating the appointment status automatically in the system.

Letter Writer

Access to preloaded templates and additional templates can be built on request. Creating letters specific to your practice during the consult helps in directly populating patient’s clinical information from consult and increases face-to-face time with the patient.

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