Health Records

Focus on what really matters

MedicalDirector software evolves with you and the changing nature of healthcare delivery.

For more than 20 years MedicalDirector has been working alongside practitioners to simplify and streamline the EHR and consultation process. Fast-forward to today, we now facilitate over 70 million patient consults each year and growing, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

As the largest provider of software services to Australian GPs and specialists, we work across the entire spectrum of small and large practices. We understand today’s fast-paced medical practice environment requires a flexible EHR solutions.  And given our extensive reach and experience, we are continually evolving our offerings to suit the growing demands of the healthcare system.

See which EHR is best suited to meet your needs.

  • A new generation of cloud-based EHR
  • Patient-centric workflows 
  • Understands and evolves to meet doctors’ needs
  • Optimised user experience designed around how GPs think
  • Intuitive server-based EHR
  • Clinical tools and features to help you reduce costs and improve patient safety
  • Product options to make pathology and referrals simpler
  • Integrates with AusDI 
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