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Features in Clinical Software

Online Clinical notes 

Manage reports and referrals online, capture your Clinical notes electronically, and view patients’ integrated information and results at the touch of a button. Streamline consult notes using personalised custom abbreviations and create predesigned structured notes, with the added flexibility of adapting to individual patient requirements. 

Medication Management

Prescribe with confidence

CMI, PI and Independent Monographs

Access the latest Product Information (PI), Consumer Medicine Information (CMI), Independent Drug Monographs, updated monthly via AusDI.

Allergies, adverse reactions, warnings 

Update and manage known patient allergy and adverse reactions within the patient details window through our easy to use free-type text field. Clinical will then take this information and warn you of any complications that may arise throughout your consultation workflow.

Medication pick list 

Create medication favorites for frequently prescribed medication, as well as predefined dosage instructions.

Seamless patient management

Designed to optimise patient outcomes

Recalls and reminders 

Create customisable recall systems including definitions, content and frequency rates. Integrate powerful searching tools that allow you to engage your patient through multiple channels including SMS, letters and phone calls.

Letter Writer templates 

Access a range of customisable, importable templates for a variety of leading health organisations across the country. Access resources from your local PHN on the latest health assessment for a clinical topic and create medical certificates with the click of a button.

Track patient communications 

Manage the quantity of patient communications to ensure you exceed minimum standards of patient care, while increasing patient engagement via pre-defined recall instructions. 

Search Clinical history 

Search historical consult notes and refine your search based on prior or existing conditions. Identify the type of service offered within the consult such as telehealth or remote visit.

Letter Writer authoring

Streamline authoring of letters or care plans with letter writer’s auto text feature. Communicate to external agencies securely, including Healthlink, Argus and Medical Objects. Access a medical dictionary to facilitate spell checking. 

Preventative health prompts 

A module that assists in identifying and preventing potential problems by recommending certain actions. These recommendations are based on information stored in the patient's record.

Pathology, Radiology, Cytology 

Communicate seamlessly with any lab in the country via shared resources and obtain streamlined access to lab results.

Secure document exchange

Access a rapid and secure electronic transmission system of communications between medical professionals. Create correspondence using the letter writer and send it via secure message transport to other MDExchange users identified from the MDExchange online directory.

Care plans tool 

Clinical comes with an inbuilt care plan 
tool to allow you to easily manage patient permission, track conditions, set tasks, track progress and print and share with the patient or other healthcare professionals.

Tools & Calculators

Information you need, when you need it

Mini mental state examination

Assess the probability of cognitive impairment based on results of a structured questionnaire. Record results in the patient's progress notes and save the score to the patient's record, which also allows the information to be graphed over time.

Surgical audit tool 

An optional tool that meets the Royal Australian College of Surgeons’ strict internal audit requirements, the tool is a repository for information required for surgical audits, enabling users to enter surgical procedure information and automatically generate reports to boost workflow efficiency and minimise reporting errors.

History and examination tool

Capture patient history and your examination of that condition, which can also be investigated further through additional search capabilities.

Advanced searching capabilities

Identify patients on a variety of parameters including patient seen or not seen within a defined date range, demographics, conditions, medications, symptoms and signs. Recall patients easily based on your selected search terms.

Electronic prescriptions with eRX

Electronically receive, review, manage and action your patients’ test results, radiological images and pathology reports, all from the device of your choice.

MD Insights Population Health

Greater insights. Healthier future

Easy to navigate

Population health reporting system “MD Insights” allows you to securely identify patients based on previous investigations, filter information to identify recall candidates and access highly customisable clinical reporting features.

Secure patient data

In order to uphold patient data security and safety, MedicalDirector has a unique offering in that no personally identifiable information is ever collected from the source. The data is stored in a standardised format from all the participating clinicians and as a result there is no way to re-identify any specific individual.

Easy to understand

Population health reporting system “MD Insights” allows you to manage patients’ conditions with visually represented patient data analysis. All graphs, charts, and reports generated adhere to clinical measure standards defined by the Improvement Foundation.

Supporting your practice

Packed with clinical tools and features

Medical devices

Clinical intergrates with a host of Diagnostic Devices including Blood pressure devices, ECG, Spirometers and more.

MyHealth Record

Add patient documents and upload prescriptions to a patient's My Health Record, which can be shared to other clinicians in a secure environment.

Database backups 

Safeguard your practice data and minimise the risk of disaster recovery through scheduled database backups.

Scanning documents

Integrate your clinical application directly with third party scanners allowing you to easily digitize, record and share important patient documents within the patient record.

Customise to your workflow

Customise clinical workflows using tools and shortcuts to suit your individual needs. Including Keyboard shortcuts allowing you to rapidly complete notes or quickly navigate through the Clinical software.

Active, inactive and deceased definition management

Easily manage your database in accordance with RACGP accreditation guidelines.

Integrate with Pracsoft

Seamlessly integrate with MedicalDirector PracSoft, Australia’s leading practice management software. Add new patients from Pracsoft into Clinical, Set item codes to be billed during the consultation and communicate directly to your front desk via Pracsoft.

Free Clinical Resource Sidebar

The latest clinical resources on your desktop

Patient education

Enhance patient understanding and drive better, more personalised clinical outcomes by providing patients with condition and product fact sheets from leading healthcare organisations directly from the Clinical Application through the Clinical Sidebar.

World-class resources

Modern healthcare relies on quality clinical information. MedicalDirector’s health content service is fast, reliable and designed specifically for the healthcare environment. We offer robust evidence-based medical resources, underpinned by best-of-breed technology, a strong customer care ethic, and a dedication to making your life easier and your patients’ lives safer.

Smart tools

MedicalDirector has partnered with leading industry providers to deliver a range of smart tools that support patient care and your business. Free with Clinical, The Clinical Sidebar provides General Practitioners access to the latest clinical resources on your desktop, delivered faster, smarter and seamlessly with your clinical workflow.

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