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Features in Bluechip Software

Fully personalised Bluechip configuration 

Tailor Bluechip to suit your practice’s unique needs, including financial setup, billing, fees, health fund, DVA, MBS, user’s roles and permissions, appointments, templates and invoice letterheads. 

Invoicing & Accounting

Make complex invoicing a breeze

Fully configurable billing

Bluechip comes configured for Bulk Billing, Bulk Billing Easyclaim, DVA Streamline, DVA Allied Health, Patient Claim, Patient Claiming Easyclaim and Eclipse In-Patient Medical Claiming and In-Hospital Claiming when required for day surgery practices. There is no limit to the account class setup and configuration available to any practice.

Personalised invoicing
and accounting

The highly configurable accounting system is capable of individualised doctor’s setup, tailored to each administrative workflows and requirements including rates, banking details, patient estimates, separate service items & EFTPOS terminals – essentially creating a ‘personalised business’ per doctor.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities

Manage patient and statutory reporting as well as business management reports using a customisable range of templates and easy-to-use automated reporting tools to streamline patient care and efficiently manage revenue.

Manage multiple businesses in one software

Manage multiple businesses in one system, allowing multiple professionals to practice from the same location, while also tailoring their billing, calendar and workflow to their unique needs.

tailored to fit

Specialist software for specialist practitioners

OPV and OVV checks

OPV and OVV checks with Medicare and Department of Veteran Affairs on every patient every time you bill reduces the risk of user-based resubmissions to ensure quick billing turnaround.

Integrates with Microsoft Word and Excel

Allowing easy creation of customised word templates and deeper analysis of reports through Microsoft Excel.

OEC checks

Online Eligibility Checking for Eclipse Patients allows real-time verification of Patient Health Fund Level of Cover, to reduce risk of non-covered procedures and information Patient of any out-of-pocket expenses.

Link patient details

Access patient details in clinical software easily using our link file processor tool, or open patient details from the patient account screen directly into Clinical. Ability to easily return to Bluechip Patient Details screen.

Integrate with Clinical software

Set MBS item codes to be billed during the consultation in Progress Notes, which can be communicated between Bluechip and Clinical for Invoicing via MD Billing in Bluechip.

Advanced practice-to-patient communication

Manage bulk envelope printing with patient information such as address and name, allows for mass communication to multiple patients at once.

Schedules and appointments

Manage your busy day surgery schedule simply

Appointment Book

Colour-coded, Outlook-style appointment book unique to each doctor, includes tailored appointment configuration and duration for 10-week schedule cycles. Forward-date schedule changes and duplicate existing plans for easy setup.

Automated SMS features

Automated appointment reminders, alerts, or communicate directly via SMS through Bluechip. Setup multiple reminders prior to patient appointment including what day and time they are to be sent out or switch off SMS on days when you are closed or absent. Creating customisable SMS templates for practice-wide and practitioner communications.

Drag and drop appointments

The drag and drop bookings system allows you to quickly manage appointment days, weeks and months. Create Practitioner Groups for easy viewing for sites with multiple practitioners.

Over 20 years of experience

We’ve been fine-tuning Bluechip for 20 years, in consultation with specialist practitioners across disciplines. Used by specialist practices, larger general practices and private day surgery hospitals, Bluechip works for most practice configurations and business models.

Seamless Patient Management

Designed with the modern specialist in mind

Add & Manage new patients

Ability to copy demographics from related family members – Address, Medicare Numbers, Phone numbers and Email.

Patient Search Parameters

Search multiple address books from one window including parents, doctors, companies, health funds, solicitors and patients. Wild card functionality assists with finding closest matches.

Patient Search and Invoicing

The patient search function integrates with invoicing, so you can adjust the recipient of invoices or respond to multiple parties at once in just a few clicks.

Data security & permissions

Manage data security and banking with password protection to various levels of banking, data access and reporting.

Seamless referral management

Manage referrals effortlessly and at the touch of a button, with excellent correspondence creation and management tools including fully integrated Microsoft Word and the ability to store images with patient files.

Keyboard Shortcuts  

Keyboard shortcuts have been integrated to improve workflow, you can even operate all Bluechip without the need for a mouse.

intuitively designed

Efficiently manage your day surgery

Compliance reporting

Including Federal and State government statutory reporting. MedicalDirector Bluechip is also fully compliant with second tier price structure making it easy to pass accreditation. Please note that each reporting body has slightly different requirements.

Fully ICD compliant

Fully compliant and up to date with the latest full edition of the ICD database and Federal and State specific Government requirements including PHISCo,VAED,ISAAC QHAPDC and health fund extract requirements including the Private Hospitals Data Base (PHDB), Hospital Casemix Protocol (HCP) Reporting and Cancer registry.

Handle complex invoicing

Including band level billing for theatre and accommodation, multiple procedure scale rates, episode billing, and easily created estimates which can be converted to invoices at the time
of billing.

Partner solutions

Enhance your Bluechip Software

Experience Bluechip for yourself.

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