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MedicalDirector and Telstra Health integration: one year on

4 October, 2022

To mark one year since Telstra Health acquired MedicalDirector, Elizabeth Koff AM, Managing Director of Telstra Health, and Matt Bardsley Head of MedicalDirector, sat down for a fireside chat to discuss what the integration means for MedicalDirector customers. 

Matt Bardsley said the businesses are stronger together enabling MedicalDirector to be more customer focussed than ever and emphasises MedicalDirector hasn’t lost its ability to adapt and be agile in its software development. 

“We benefit from the investments Telstra Health has already made in its technology capabilities and interoperability, aligned with data standards and safety as a priority. This experience makes our vision of interoperability more and more of a reality,” Matt said.  

Integration with the National Cancer Screening Register has occurred and this month MedicalDirector announced integration with the MyPractice app, which doctors using MedicalDirector Clinical can now use to share medical certificates, referrals, results and prescriptions with their patient during a consultation from within the sidebar.

In the pilot phase is a module called Care, which provides the ability to create living care plans accessible to all clinicians involved in the patient’s team care. Care has a roadmap focussed on integrations with pharmacy and aged care to be enabled by the Telstra Health ecosystem.

MedicalDirector customers wanting advanced data and analytics capabilities will also have access to Cubiko from November 2022

The integration of MedicalDirector and Telstra Health is also enabling MedicalDirector to establish a greater presence in the UK primary care market.   

Expansion into the UK market has also been boosted by the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement signed on 17 December 2021, which is making it easier for companies to operate in the UK.   

As part of its focus on the UK market MedicalDirector has invested significantly into its Helix cloud practice management software product, effectively doubling investment in the product, which has reached more than three million consultations in Australia.   

MedicalDirector has also been prioritising investment in its Customer Care team and once the 4.2 rollout of Medicare Web Services adjustments have occurred, call wait times are anticipated to reduce significantly.

Telstra Health Managing Director, Elizabeth Koff, said customers are seeing the benefits of MedicalDirector having greater access to resources and other skill-sets through Telstra Health. 

 “The Telstra Health ecosystem is set to accelerate more seamless prescription exchanges and referral pathways and improved interoperability for GPs working with aged care and disability facility patients,” Elizabeth said.