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4th Edition of pharmacy required text Don’t Rush to Crush now available in AusDI

1 December, 2021

Expanded and revised through the expertise of hospital pharmacists and guided by a multidisciplinary Editorial Committee, the 4th edition of Don’t Rush to Crush was released online yesterday and is available in the AusDI medicine information database.

Access to the 4th edition is immediate for Subscribers of Don’t Rush to Crush within the AusDI information platform. For those who have already purchased the previous edition, AusDI will automatically update to the latest edition.

Australia’s essential guide to safely administering oral medicines to people with enteral feeding tubes or swallowing difficulties has seen every monograph reviewed and updated, over 40 new monographs added, and new sections introduced on oral liquids and thickness testing, and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

SHPA President Peter Fowler says the Don’t Rush to Crush is a comprehensive reference of over 590 oral medicines currently available in Australia, with 40 included for the first time.

‘As Australia’s population ages and more people take more medicines, Don’t Rush to Crush is an indispensable frontline resource when managing risk and ensuring quality care for patients in all healthcare settings.

‘Don’t Rush to Crush is a required pharmacy textbook by the Pharmacy Board of Australia, and this current edition must be readily accessible and should be accessed by pharmacists during dispensing, clinical assessment, reviewing and counselling processes.’

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels says the 4th Edition introduces user-friendly innovations to make content as accessible as possible for key audiences of pharmacists, nurses, speech pathologists, dietitians, and pharmacy and nursing students.

‘In this edition antiretrovirals and antivirals that contain two or more active ingredients each have a dedicated monograph, and they are listed according to the brand name, while most medicines are still listed alphabetically by active ingredient.

‘Amid the improvements, the distinctive blue cover remains, soon to be updated in every Australian community pharmacy and on benches in hospital wards and aged care facilities across the country.

‘As always, the truly patient-centred format will assist decision-making in all healthcare settings, ensuring busy pharmacists and nurses can effectively manage medicines risk and ensure quality care.’ 

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