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30 Years of MedicalDirector

MedicalDirector has been supporting healthcare professionals and improving health outcomes for 30 years.

We are a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions to medical practitioners, medical practices and hospitals. Approximately 23,000 GP's and specialists use our software to manage and deliver more than 80,000,000 patient consultations per year.

1 Oct 1992: MedicalDirector Clinical is released

It began as a simple, computerised DOS prescription writing software tool. Over many years it has grown into the very detailed feature rich total clinical solution now offered. Clinical was first created by two doctors and has since expanded over time with the assistance and vital feedback of its thousands of users.

2 Jul 2011: Sidebar is launched in MedicalDirector

Sidebar launched in MedicalDirector with the clear goal of allowing the clinician to activate widgets for use in a clinical setting.

Sidebar has provided a safe and supported interaction between third-party systems and MedicalDirector Clinical, allowing clinicians to easily access information across platforms and share information between different clinical systems.

3 Mar 2016: MedicalDirector launches it's cloud software, Helix

In development for almost two years, MedicalDirector launched a completely different offering to that of their existing on-premise solutions, Australia's first Cloud Clinical Management software. Helix was not just MedicalDirector in the cloud but a completely redesigned system with a brand new clinical interface, flexible mobility features for mobile devices and tablets and an integrated feature set from booking to consultation to payment. Since it's launch, Helix has helped thousands of GPs conduct their patient consultations where they wish. There are currently more than 700 doctors and practice managers using the cloud software.

4 Jul 2018: MedicalDirector ranks #2 on 2018 AFR's most innovative companies list

MedicalDirector wins the Australian Financial Review's award for Best Business Model Innovation. Such an award helped us earn the right to become the trusted leader in digital health.

5 Oct 2019: MedicalDirector launches in the UK healthcare market

MedicalDirector announced its upcoming entry in the UK after being notified by the NHS that it is to be awarded a contract to provide its cloud software to GPs in the UK. MedicalDirector was awarded the contract given its cloud software’s unique capabilities to deliver next generation software to GPs and patients in the UK. MedicalDirector is the first cloud-native market participant to be awarded a contract to provide its software services in the UK.

6 Apr 2020: Integrated Telehealth capability launches

The insidious nature of COVID-19 means that the dual task of providing care while preventing further infection was crucial. MedicalDirector was amongst the first to respond. An upgrade to their Electronic Health Record (EHR) software has made seamless Telehealth a reality for the majority of GPs across Australia. This saw more GPs able to schedule and conduct Telehealth consultations without disruption to their regular processes.

7 Aug 2021: MedicalDirector is acquired by Telstra Health

As Australia's largest health technology business, Telstra Health's acquisition of MedicalDirector was a key step in their vision to create a connected and improved digital health experience for all. The backing of Telstra Health has and will continue to allow MedicalDirector to constantly invest in their innovation and improve their offerings to customers.


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