Clinical User Guide
Results Tab

The Results tab is used primarily for recording Investigation Results for the patient, and displays a list of tests that have been checked-in against that patient's name. Results are displayed in order of date collected. You can also scan or import results or other documents directly to the Results tab of the patient's record.

Because of the potentially-sensitive nature of the content that can be saved to this tab, it is not accessible to users with basic security access. However, such users can scan/import via the Scan/Import Correspondence window instead.

o      Rearrange the column order by clicking and dragging a selected column, and dropping it to a new location.

o      Sort the list of Results by clicking on any column heading. The sort order of a column is indicated via the direction of the icon.

o      Double-clicking a record opens the record in a separate window. Previous/Next buttons on this latter window allow you to browse through the list of records.

o      Multiple records can be selected simultaneously using the CTRL or SHIFT keys, as per standard Windows functionality, or by clicking the Select All link.

o      Simple/Advanced filtering can be applied to this window. In the example above, the Sender/Provider column has been filtered;

See Filtering/Searching Correspondence Records for more information.


o      Details of a selected Result are displayed in the lower section of this window. Alternatively you can double-click a Result to view it in an expanded view.

o      If you sort the records on this window, including the repositioning of any columns, this sort order is retained upon closing the patient's record.

Items of interest on this window:

Note that the range of option available to you will be limited by the level of access you have.

Upper Section


Checked By

Clear Filters

Clear Search



Date Checked

Date Created

Date Collected

Date Notified

Date Requested



Document Details

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Move Location


Notified By

Open Externally

MyHealthRecord Activity Date

MyHealthRecord Status

Full, Bottom, Right

Print / Print To

*Include Patient Header

Print List / Print List To



Remove from MyHealthRecord



Send to MyHealthRecord

Send SMS





User Name


Lower Section


Add Recall

Assign / Reassign Patient

Assign /Reassign Recipient

Audit History

Cumulative Results

Notify / De-notify

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