Clinical User Guide
The Scan/Import Correspondence Window

The Scan/Import Correspondence window provides users with a means to scan or import results and other documentation, which can be stored automatically to the Holding File, or manually stored to the patient's record or the Holding File.

Whilst all users can access the Scan/Import Correspondence window, it is provided primarily for non-clinical staff, or practitioners without top-level security access. Practitioners with top-level security can access the Holding File as well, which provides them with extra functionality.

To access the Scan/Import Correspondence window, select File > Scan/Import Correspondence.

o      Sort the list of Results by clicking on any column heading. The sort order of a column is indicated via the direction of the icon.

o      Multiple records can be selected simultaneously using the CTRL or SHIFT keys, as per standard Windows functionality, or by clicking the Select All link.

o      To filter records, see Filtering/Searching Correspondence Records.  

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