Clinical User Guide
About the Clinical Window

The Clinical Window is the environment where clinical information is recorded for a given patient - when you open a patient's record, you are presented with their Clinical Window.

The upper half of the Clinical Window displays information such as the patient's demographics, a list of the their allergies and their portrait. If there are any special reminders about the patient (for example they are currently breast feeding or participate in elite sports), these appear immediately below the allergies in the Warnings section. If the patient has been marked as pregnant, the current gestational age and the due date are also displayed in the Warnings section.

The patient's occupation, record number, Pension/DVA number and smoking status appear to the right of their name. The time taken for the visit and recall due warning also appears in this section.

The lower half of the Clinical Window contains various tabs for recording data, including Current Medications. When you first open a patient record, one of these tabs is displayed as the default, as indicated on the Clinical tab of Clinical Options. Generally this is the patient's list of current medications.

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts you can use from the Clinical Window, giving you quick access to many features of Clinical.