Clinical User Guide
Printer Setup Options

Clinical's basic printer setup options provider for:

o      Script printing,

o      Letter printing (which includes the printing of content such as Summaries and Assessments, for example),

o      Pathology printing, and

o      Radiology printing


Each type of printing can be directed to the same printer (to different print trays if you choose), or up to four different printers on your network. The Printer Setup tab of Print Options is where you select which printers handle each of the four print-job sections listed previously.


To setup your printers:

1.      From the Clinical Front Screen, select Tools > Print Options. The Print Options window appears.

2.      Select the Printer Setup tab.


3.      Use each drop-down menu to associate an installed printer with a printer job. Only those printers installed on your network that you have permission to use will be available in the list. Consult your Systems Support personnel for assistance with this if necessary.


4.      (Optional) Click to specify the default page setup for each printer.


5.      Click OK to confirm your settings.

6.      Click Save to save the printer setup settings.