Clinical User Guide
Access Levels

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Because of the potentially sensitive nature of the data recorded in Clinical's patient database, security is implemented using a User Database and access levels. Access levels determine what information a user has access to.

Every user of Clinical must be defined in the user database. Each user's record will include the user's name, password and access level. When a user logs on, their password is matched against the user database to determine who they are and what level of access they have.

Clinical defines two separate classes of user: practitioners and users (users other than clinical staff).

Practitioner Access

Practitioners automatically have access to all patient demographic and clinical data. Details of the practitioner currently logged-in will appear on scripts, in patient records and notes, and at the bottom of the Clinical window.

When adding a practitioner to the database, there are three options available:

User Access

Non-clinical staff are entered as 'Users' into the same database as practitioners. There are three levels of access for Users; Full Access, Limited Access and Basic Access. The Allow Data Export and Allow Options Editing options are available to users with Full or Limited access, but not Basic Access users.