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A Helix Customer Story

Technology Tree

IT service provider Technology Tree is a trusted digital solutions partner for businesses in Perth.

As an IT partner, Technology Tree keeps its clients’ tech solutions up-to-date and importantly, ensures they meet the business’s needs. Technology Tree's Director, Derek Stewart, shared how the company recently helped one of its Medical Centre clients understand the benefits of cloud technology and transition to cloud clinical and practice management software, Helix.


“When we started working with this Medical Centre, they were stuck in the dark ages when it came to IT. They had a core application for practice management, but it wasn’t meeting their needs.”

“They needed to look at changing the way their IT was being run. It was still a traditional server-based environment, when really, what they needed was a true cloud solution," Stewart said. That’s where software is headed.”


The Challenge

Operating in the healthcare industry and current data security environment, it’s vital the software and technology used by a general practice enable ideal data security. 

  • Maintaining servers can be costly and distracting.
  • GPs are time-poor and not necessarily technology experts.
  • The future of software is cloud-based.

The Solution

Helix by MedicalDirector, is a true cloud solution that is powered by Microsoft Azure, the best in the business, for ensuring premium security measures. 

“We’re interested in creating solutions for our clients, we’re not interested in creating another set of problems that you have to manage and maintain, and that’s one of the reasons we implemented Helix.”

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Three benefits of Helix

Data security

Using Helix means a practices’ data protection is automated and the data is always stored locally in Australia, using premium bank-grade security measures.

Optimised operations

Helix frees up time for practices and eases cost burdens by reducing server maintenance down time.


Being cloud-based, Helix offers GPs secure access from anywhere – at anytime, and provides an optimised user experience, by simplifying workflows and streamlining admin.

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