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When a busy medical practice wants to switch to a more comprehensive clinical management system, making the switch couldn’t be easier or more secure than with MedicalDirector.

Backed by more than 20 years of industry and technical experience, MedicalDirector’s Clinical and Pracsoft practice management solutions offer South Australian practice South Road Day & Night Surgery, a powerful, highly integrated system, delivered with world-class service and support.


South Road Day & Night Surgery is a busy South Australian medical practice that has been operating for over thirty years. Once a very large and busy practice, but now a small, boutique surgery, the South Road Day & Night Surgery staffs three doctors, who see about 500 patients a week.

The Challenge

When the practice first started, it was using a competing product, and was using two separate clinical and practice management systems. However, the surgery wanted to look for a more seamless, alternate solution. In particular, the practice needed a clinical management solution that integrated effortlessly with practice management software.

In the very early days, we had a competing product which we thought would be right for us, but found that it was quite clunky and chunky. We also had separate clinical and practice management systems, which was a challenge because nobody takes responsibility when things go wrong. That’s why we turned to MedicalDirector to find a better solution.

The Solution

South Road Day & Night Surgery turned the switch from a competing product to MedicalDirector’s integrated Clinical and Pracsoft solution in March 2002, and has never looked back.

"Switching to MedicalDirector and using it since 2002 has been a fantastic decision for us. I can’t speak highly enough of MedicalDirector and its software solutions, and I tell everyone they should have it. Clinical and Pracsoft integrate so seamlessly and fit together like a hand in a glove. The systems just flow so beautifully."

The Result

After implementing Clinical and Pracsoft together, not only has South Road Day & Night Surgery enjoyed the workflow efficiencies of a more seamless and integrated software system, but found that MedicalDirector’s exceptional service and support gave the practice even greater confidence in the solutions’ reliability and security.

MedicalDirector’s support team is absolutely fantastic. Even a small or minor issue I might have on occasion, the team are onto it straight away. Plus, the software updates regularly, the information on the systems is always fresh and good, which gives us peace of mind that we can count on it.

For any practice manager or doctor looking for a leading solution, Di says MedicalDirector’s Clinical and Pracsoft software systems are the go to solution.

"If anyone asks us whether we’d ever change, I say no way,” she said. “We’re so happy with MedicalDirector that we’ll never change and go anywhere else!"

Seamless integration

Backed by more than 20 years of industry and technical experience, MedicalDirector’s Clinical and Pracsoft practice management software integrate seamlessly together for a truly streamlined solution.

A trusted solution

Premium customer support and regular updates means MedicalDirector’s Clinical and Pracsoft solutions give you peace of mind that your software is both secure and reliable.

Meeting the changing needs of modern practice

MedicalDirector is always one step ahead of changes in the healthcare system, evolving its software solutions to meet the clinical needs of modern times.

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