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A Helix Customer Story

Health Plus General Practice

Enabling flexible care with server-free infrastructure

Running a modern medical practice is becoming synonymous with flexible care – for both patients and practitioners alike. With digitisation now widely recognised as the future of healthcare, cloud-based practice management software that doesn't require a server on-site is enabling healthcare to be delivered anywhere.

Dr Wen-Shan Sung, Principal General Practitioner at Health Plus General Practice discusses how MedicalDirector Helix is enabling his practice to deliver remote healthcare seamlessly, wherever his patients are.

"Helix gives us a lot of convenience, agility and flexibility, and allows us to draw patient reports and analyse individual and clinical metrics. I believe cloud-based is the future of digital health care.”

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As our industry moves towards increasingly digitised processes, interoperability and connected systems, Cloud clinical software is the future of healthcare delivery in Australia. Enable ideal healthcare with MedicalDirector Helix.

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