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A Clinical & Pracsoft Story

Bondi Junction 7 Day Medical Centre

A large, busy medical practice needs a user-friendly and reputable clinical management software solution, which staff can easily learn and use to better support patient needs.

Backed by more than 20 years of industry and technical experience, MedicalDirector’s Clinical and Pracsoft practice management solutions offers the Bondi Junction 7 Day Medical Practice the powerful yet user-friendly IT infrastructure it needs to boost practice efficiency while enabling optimum patient outcomes.


The two founding doctors of Bondi Junction 7 Day Medical Practice, Dr James Condoleon, and Dr Theo Aroney, began their first Medical Centre in Wollongong over 20 years ago, and used MedicalDirector’s Clinical and Pracsoft management solutions from the start.

“Their experience in that practice with both Clinical and Pracsoft was fantastic,” said Practice Manager and Registered Nurse, Christina Dawson. “So, when they sold the practice to a private corporation and founded the Bondi Junction 7 Day Medical Centre five years ago, they decided to set up the new practice using MedicalDirector’s Clinical and Pracsoft tools as part of the IT infrastructure.”

The Challenge

When building a new medical practice of 30 doctors, 8 nurses, 8 receptionists, podiatrist and dietitian, the founders wanted to leverage not only a tried and tested solution, but also software that the wider healthcare community knew and trusted.

“It was all about familiarity,” Christina said. “Everyone was already familiar with MedicalDirector and how it worked, and we liked its user-friendly interface. When we started to employ new doctors, the practitioners would already be familiar with MedicalDirector’s software systems.”

The practice also wanted to leverage a reputable software solution that was easy for new staff to be trained on - even those with limited computer or technical skills.

“I’ve trained new doctors, receptionists, and nursing staff on using MedicalDirector’s platforms when they first started and it’s quite easy for new staff to learn,” Christina said. “Even staff with limited technical skills could pick up MedicalDirector’s programs very quickly and proficiently."

As a registered nurse, Christina said she’s used Clinical and Pracsoft both from a nursing perspective, and in her role as a Practice Manager of a busy medical centre. One of the key benefits she’s seen is that both platforms are easy to use and follow.

“I would recommend MedicalDirector’s Clinical and Pracsoft solutions for their ease of use, it’s easy to train people, and the language used is familiar and easy to understand. There are no complex technical terms, just simple terms like ‘progress notes’. This makes using and understanding the program flow easy.”

For any additional training or support on using Clinical and Pracsoft’s features, Christina explained that the Support Team at MedicalDirector are incredibly helpful, thorough and patient.

“For instance, it was easy for our practice to learn features like patient appointments and SMS reminders,” Christina said. “Plus there are a lot of useful online guides and resources to assist you in working things out easily and autonomously.”

The Solution

More recently, the practice has benefited from generating income by leveraging MedicalDirector’s software to find and source unclaimed item numbers and then claim them through Medicare.

“Recently, we’ve tried to source how many care plans our practice has done for the purpose of Medicare,” Christina explained. “For instance, there could be an item number for a particular role a nurse does for a doctor that hasn’t been claimed, or forgotten by the practice. When I started in December 2017, I was able to use MedicalDirector’s Pracsoft to easily identify any item numbers that had been unclaimed for the last 2 years and then claim them through Medicare. So in effect, it’s helping generate income for the practice.”

Having used MedicalDirector herself for over 20 years, Christina highlighted that over time, she’s also seen how MedicalDirector has evolved and developed its software over the years to meet the needs of the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

“MedicalDirector is not only on top, but always one step ahead of what’s happening when it comes changes in the healthcare system.”

“Bit by bit, there have been enhancements and evolvements in the software to adapt and meet the changing needs of busy practitioners and their patients. From regulatory changes, Government incentives, eHealth to RACGP accreditation requirements, MedicalDirector’s software adapts to meet the clinical needs of modern times.” Christina concluded.

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Three benefits of Clinical & Pracsoft

Solutions you can trust

Backed by more than 20 years of industry and technical experience, MedicalDirector’s Clinical and Pracsoft practice management software are trusted by the wider healthcare community.

Easy to learn and use

No complex technical jargon, just simple language and a user-friendly interface. This makes training staff with limited computer skills a breeze.

Meeting the changing needs of modern practice

MedicalDirector is always one step ahead of changes in the healthcare system, evolving its software solutions to meet the clinical needs of modern times.

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