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We're cooking up
a storm.

We're set to revolutionise how GPs can fulfil CPD hours for reviewing performance and measuring outcomes.

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An absolute gamechanger

With Smart Connected Care, GPs won’t have to schedule time outside of consultation for CPD activities. Yes, you heard correctly, spending time with patients and improving health outcomes while MedicalDirector Clinical and Pracsoft does the heavy lifting.

GPs will get a summary of the activity they’ve undertaken, along with performance insights and a pre-populated summary to send to their CPD home at the click of button. 

If your CPD home is with RACGP or AMA and you’re interested in early access to this transformative tool, which will unlock up to 25 hours of CPD activity per year, submit your details below to register your interest.

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Smart Connected Care is unlocking new streamlined workflows across its on-premise and cloud-based products, powered by Telstra Health’s technology platforms and connecting with best-in-market partnerships.

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